Top 10 Highest Paying And Most Lucrative Careers Of 2021

Top 10 Highest Paying And Most Lucrative Careers Of 2021

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In this article we will explore some of the highest paying jobs of 2021. If you are trying to figure out which career to take or you are curious as to who the high earners are in Kenya, then keep reading on.

With the ever rising cost of living, it is only natural for one to desire a well paying job to help afford their basic needs. COVID-19 has seen many people lose their jobs and made life a whole lot tougher for many people. We have seen people turn their cars into a makeshift vegetable shop along the roads to make ends meet.

While this was happening there are those who still kept their jobs as usual and kept making money. They not only have job security but the income they earn is higher than what most average Kenyans make.


  1. Surgeons 
  2. Law
  3. Pilots
  4. CEOs 
  5. Finance
  6. Journalism
  7. Politics 
  8. Sales and Marketing
  9. Architecture 
  10. Blogging 
Highest paying careers
Image by Steve Buisine

1. Surgeons

It is no secret that people in medicine make a lot of money. However even in the field of medicine, none make more more than surgeons and especially neurosurgeons. These specialists go through medical school and then proceed once again to a residency program for 6-7 years. Due to the nature of their work it is necessary for them to go through such training. A surgeon earns about Ksh.420,000- Ksh.600,00. Meanwhile a neurosurgeon usually earns about Ksh.610,00 per month. 


Another old profession in our country, a career in Law, can be highly lucrative. Many famous lawyers are known to live posh lifestyles and in the high end estates of Nairobi. Careers in law include being a lawyer all the way to being the Chief Justice of our country. 

Lawyers make anywhere between Ksh.20,000- 750,000. Now the reason for this huge range is that, lawyers are paid depending on what case they are handling. Therefore that range can easily go up to a million shillings depending on who the client is and the nature of the cases being handled. They also open private law firms which allow them to increase their income for the services that they offer. 

Judges make about Ksh. 632,000 per month. They have other added benefits such as a comprehensive health cover for their families and other allowances paid by the government. They also enjoy a lowered interest rate on mortgages and loans.


During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic there may not have been as much travel as before, however the industry did not stop to function. Pilots have been at work transporting goods via the air and with COVID-19 medical guidelines provided by WHO, we have seen the industry start to slowly revive. Last year in the US we saw hundreds of thousands of people traveling during the holiday season to be with their families. Airlines were fully booked and there was massive traffic. 

Now with 2021 here and the vaccine out, we will see this industry go back to what it used to be. Pilots are not going anywhere anytime soon and they are some of the most paid people who earn about Ksh. 120,000 -420,000 this is with other benefits included like a health cover. Salary differs by the airline you work for and the years of experience you have in the profession, but a starting salary of Ksh.120,000 is really good!

4.Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers ( or CEOs) are the people behind the general planning of the strategies that run a company. They look at the big picture and begin to create systems and structures as well as the strategy that will help the organization achieve its goals and bring in the money. It is no wonder then that they tend to take home large pay checks. The larger the organization and more profitable it is, the higher the pay check is! 

The range can be from Ksh.400,000 -31,000,000 ! That seems like it is exaggerated but the highest paid CEO in the Kenya is Gideon Muriuki of Cooperative Bank who takes home Ksh. 31.37 Million! 

5.Finance Careers

This is another field that is very old and among the highest paying careers! A career in the area of finance can be very lucrative if you have the patience to grow. Most people who start in this field enter from the sales and marketing department.

Most people in finance choose to be CPA (Certified Public Accountants) which is good and opens doors for them but the more lucrative side is found by those who choose the lesser known Chattered Accounting (CA).
These Accountants are not restricted by region in their practice and are highly coveted. On average they make about Ksh. 138,000- 1.8 Million per month. They are taken up by private organizations and usually international organizations too! They are some of the highly paid people in Finance.

Another area of finance you can consider that make good money is auditing ( average pay Ksh. 594k- 8M)

Highest paying careers
Image by Steve Buissine


This is becoming another very lucrative career. The highest paid journalist is Jeff Koinange who currently earns Ksh.2M. While this is not what all the journalists earn and most of them are not near that pay grade, journalism is still pays between Ksh.55,000- 2M! Now the difference in the pay comes with the media house one works for. Royal Media Services is known to be the highest paying media outlet at the moment. There is a possibility of earning more money from being a journalist as we have seen some of our journalists take to advertising and being brand ambassadors which in itself brings in more income.


Kenyan politicians are probably the most highly paid people. Each year we see a number of news articles accusing them for their greed as they increase their own salaries while working for the government! The average salary of an MCA (inclusive of all benefits) is Ksh. 600,000 while our president earns a salary of Ksh.1.4 million. 

While politics is slowly evolving and changes are being made it is no doubt one of the highest paying careers to have. 

8.Sales and Marketing 

Now marketing and sales has a reputation for being a tough ground to crack. It is however a great career for those who are patient, persistent and ready to learn to sell products and services. Those who thrive in it are some of the highest paid people in Kenya.

Most entry level jobs in sales and marketing, pay on a commission basis and may have a retainer of about Ksh.15,000 and in some cases even less. However the beauty with sales is that once you know how to sell, you can go from earning Ksh. 5,000 in commission to millions of shillings. 

In this field it is literally up to you how much you earn and it is necessary for you to know your niche. Some people specialize in real estate only and make millions per month from the sales they make.


Architects are the people in charge of preparing the plans on construction from design to the budget of the construction project. This is a field not many people really talk about but one can easily earn between Ksh. 70,000- 150,000 upon graduating and getting their first job! With time the salary can go all the way to 2 million! While it is not spoken about, it is a highly lucrative career!


The range of making money goes between Ksh.10,000-3 million. Now this range is not fixed and you can make a whole lot more from blogging through things such as, affiliate marketing, selling products and services through your blog and even charging subscription fees for premium content. It all depends on how popular your blog is and that is determined by how relevant your information is to your visitors. 

We are in the digital age and nothing has made that more clear than the COVID-19 pandemic that has people working from home. It is therefore no surprise that blogging would make this list as one of the most lucrative careers to have. This is a career very few people take seriously but has massive potential to make millions per month for those willing to put in the work that goes into making a successful blog.

While these are just some of the few highest paying careers to have, the level of income in any profession is determined by factors such as, education and experience. The more experience you have in a field the more chance you have to make more money. While money is a great motivation for getting money, most people who are at the height of their careers and making the most money in their respective fields simply have a passion for what they do. 

We wish you all the best as you choose and advance in your career. 

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