Dream Jobs in 2021 And How To Land Them

Dream Jobs in 2021 And How To Land Them

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Dream jobs vary for everyone depending on their wants, needs and even their specializations.

For some their dream jobs is to land the highest position of their careers. For instance account executive, public relations officer, surgeon, nurse among others.

Others, it is having a higher paycheck, being offered great benefits, having good work-life balance and the ability to make a difference in the world.

However, a dream jobs doesn’t have to be a specific position like a doctor. It can include different responsibilities that you enjoy as part of the position.It can also include the type of company you keep and the skills you enjoy using.

For you to land your dream job, being self-aware is key. Evaluate yourself and know your passions. Find the intersection of your skills, interests and values. This makes it easier for you to match them with jobs.

While many people have defined what dream jobs means to them, many still can’t quite figure out if they have actually found one.

The six step by step analysis in helping people land their dream job

dream job

1.Know your dream job

The first step is to know your dream job and if you don’t, just reflect on it. Being able to answer these questions will help in the thinking process and in finally giving you a perspective.

The questions include:

  • What do you want to accomplish most in your life?
  • What type of a person are you (introvert or extrovert) ? Helps to determine your ideal work environment.
  • Does the salary match your expectation and your work, are you satisfied with it?
  • Is there room for growth in the job you are about to undertake?
  • The responsibilities/duties required of you? Are you able to handle these tasks?
  • How is the company’s culture and coworkers ? Is it the best fit for you?

It is often always stated that money follows passion, and you are therefore more likely to make money in the long run doing what you love.

2.Make yourself more visible for jobs

After ascertaining your dream job, the next step is making yourself visible to people in that particular profession/industry you desire to work in.

Visibility is therefore achieved by joining professional membership organizations, attending conferences, seeking out mentorship and volunteering or seeking attachments from these industries.

These acts tend to increase one’s knowledge and also in building one’s confidence in that particular field. It also creates networks which are very helpful in one’s professional career.

3.Building a career specific resume and cover letter

Next is to create a resume and a cover letter tailored to the business/organization you are sending it to. Describe your skills and experience to match that of the job applied for the business objectives.

Your resume and cover letter have to be your selling points for the position stating why you are the best candidate for the job and why the organization really needs you.This will help secure your dream job.

Click here to read on how you can create your resume and click here to learn how to keep it up to date.

Create an online presence by creating a professional website containing your portfolio, resume and any relevant materials to your field. Include a professional photo of yourself, contact page and a biography page. You can also use LinkedIn for this.

4.Doing what it takes to develop the skills for the jobs

Ensure you get knowledge of requirements of the job and form a strategic plan to achieve it. To do this one has to research and even talk to peers, past professors, people who work in the field on how to get these jobs.

People can also learn new skills that may be attributed to the job. For example if you are to make commercials, you have to research on how to create the videos, the best channels to display them and how to get feedback from these commercials.

At times people go back to school to learns so as to improve on their skills or even take free online classes and finally practice.

5.Networking to earn the dream job

Socializing is the best way to have connections that can open employment opportunities. Network through social media tools such as LinkedIn or Instagram. Facebook or Twitter is also beneficial since recruiters and hiring managers are already there for their own reasons.

People therefore need to engage with them and their content by leaving responses so there is visibility and one can be contacted for jobs.

Young people also have to join local leadership and industry specific clubs since most new hires in major companies come from referrals.


6.Never giving up

The market job place is overcrowded and there is heavy competition. This competition might discourage other people from taking the necessary steps in looking for their dream job.

However we must keep our eyes on the prize always and have a visual cue that directs our attention to the dream job whenever we feel lost. It can always act as a reminder on where we want to be.

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