5 Easy Steps To Get A University Scholarships

5 Easy Steps To Get A University Scholarships

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Scholarships are non-repayable financial awards given to students to help them to pursue their education.

Scholarships are often given to students with outstanding academic achievements from poor families.

They can also be given to students by considering other non academic factors like extracurricular activities or creative merits, and work experience.

With the cost of education being on an all-time high and many people lacking the financial ability to access education, scholarships have become a solution that has been embraced by many people.

Each scholarship has its eligibility criteria. So applicants have to meet these qualifications for them to be get these scholarships.

There are different types of scholarship available as discussed below

1. Merit Scholarships

These scholarships are widely acknowledged and are very common. These are awarded to students on the basis of their exceptional academic performance.

Students are chosen based on their recent academic qualifications. For instance, for masters then the performance in the bachelor degree is used.

2. Student-based scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to student based on their different features such as gender, nationality, religion, or even the medical condition of the students.

This is done so as to give a chance to students who are easily discriminated against.

3.Need based

These are provided to students by institutions. For example, University of Nairobi offers in-need students scholarship. This is so that they can help students with needs to get an education.

It is based on their financial situation and is therefore very strict. They verify information to determine if the students need it or not.

4.Artistic scholarship

These scholarships are based on extracurricular activities especially in creative arts.

For people creative in music, performance arts, dance, culinary arts. These may require one to audition of some kind so as to get into an artwork school.

5.Sport scholarships

These are for students in colleges or universities or even high school who are talented in sports.

There are scholarships for every single sport like soccer, basketball, netball, tennis, swimming and others.

6.Women scholarships

With the history of marginalization of girls, there are scholarships for girls all around the world. These are created specifically for them.

This is to help set them apart in the hopes of building a community. As it is always stated that if you educate a girl then you empower a nation.

Types of scholarships

5 easy steps to get scholarships :

1.students must know what they want

The first step is to know yourself and where your strengths lie. Which scholarship would be the best fit for you ? Is it in the academic or athletic field ? Once one knows this, they can choose a scholarship in line with their strengths.

Once one identifies the scholarship and considers all the requirement they can go ahead and apply. It is better to apply early instead of waiting until the last minute to rush.

Early application gives one a chance to be easily considered.It is also recorded that students who get scholarships are most of the time students who started applying early.

2.Apply for university scholarships and write a sample.

To get a scholarship one has to know the schools he/she wishes to attend. Understand the requirements of these schools so students don’t waste their time applying for scholarship that they are ineligible for.

Majority of scholarships also require students to submit a writing sample that help to determine their need for one.

So students have to submit a strong essay that states why they really need it and their readiness for it. The writing sample should also show the different projects they plan to pursue once they get to undergraduate or masters school.

3.Find out the financial aid options the top schools offer

For international scholarships the students have to check for the opportunities and financial aid packages that each school offers. This will help students know if they can sustain themselves there.

So students who wish to apply to these schools have to do a thorough research. Thus checking on the university websites to learn about the school and its financial aid is a good place to start.

On these websites, most schools divide their scholarships available either into in state, out of state or international. So one knows where he/she lies and the best to apply.

4.Fill out the financial aid application for these scholarships

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the universal template for applying for aid in the United States. It is usually due around the same time as the general admission application, and will come with extra materials to determine what financial aid to offer you.

This includes loans, scholarships, and grants. In Kenya, you have to visit these schools. Then you fill out forms regarding your personal information, income, savings, investment and information about the parents or family background.

This process helps to determine whether you qualify.

5.Applying to various schools

One should not limit oneself to one school but to cast a wide net by applying to variety of schools. This will increase your chances to be accepted to one and to get the best that the school is to offer.

Scholarships are very helpful for students. It gives them a great chance to access education, improve their situation either financially and socially. It also motivates them to study.

The following university scholarships are available in 2021, click here to see them.

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