10 Opportunities Available For Every Campus Student.

10 Opportunities Available For Every Campus Student.

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Campus life is a busy life. This because students juggle their classes, clubs, extracurricular activities, homework, research, and general social life. A campus student, therefore, has to find a balance between these things.

It is also more difficult for students commuting to school than those who reside in campus hostels. Commuting students deal with issues like transportation fee and limited time. This is often as a result of road traffic.

However, balancing between work and education is a larger challenge. However, for some campus students to sustain themselves, they need employment opportunities. So jobs on campus are a great relief and opportunity.

Jobs on campus provide students with flexibility. This is because the jobs are designed to be performed on student’s free time. Therefore, there is no clash between student’s class and work. But for off campus jobs click here.

These jobs also help students to network with other students. They can also network with university staff. It also helps them to earn some money.

These chances also help students to earn some tuition assistance. Which they can use to clear some of their tuition fees and debt. In Kenya, they reduce their Higher Education Loans Board(HELB) debt.

Some of these on campus jobs also provide students with free rooms. For example, if you work as a halls assistant, then your room fees can be subsidized. Free meals can also be provided to these students. This helps to make campus life easier.

The following are the types of Opportunities available to campus students

1.Library Attendant opportunities


Every campus has a library, some have more than one. Therefore, this provides opportunities for students to study and also earn some money.

Their duties include:

  • Maintaining a conducive environment by ensuring students maintain silence at all times.
  • Ensuring there is no food or drinks in the library that might cause distraction.
  • Arranging and rearranging the books in the shelves for easier access.
  • Ensuring there is easier procedure in book borrowing and its return.
  • Acting as assistants in case other students need guidance when in the library

2.Administrative assistant opportunities

With different departments in college, there are many tasks to be done. These tasks also need many people to accomplish. Therefore students are very eligible for these roles.

Campus students in these positions provide smooth operations of the schools.Departments provide opportunities for students.

Their main duties include:

  • Manage schedules for university staff and office events
  • Help in planning some events.
  • Receive and answer phone calls
  • Create and receive emails on behalf of the administration and also create documents.
  • Put together presentations for events.
  • Data entry and record keeping

3.Research Assistant opportunities

Campuses do some research yearly in an attempt to seek more information on particular issues. So departments hire students to help in these activities. Research is not limited to only medical profession but is also in every other profession.Research is also career opportunity for students.

The student’s duties will vary based on each research setting they are in.

Their duties include:

  • Collecting qualitative or Quantitative Data.
  • Reviewing online and print sources to gather information.
  • Proofreading, checking facts and also editing to ensure the information is accurate.
  • Preparing graphs, spreadsheets and presentations to help present the findings.
  • Students can also themselves be a part/topic of the study and get paid for participating.

4.Campus ambassador

Colleges like to partner with outside organizations like Microsoft, Ajiri Digital and even government institutions. These partnerships are symbiotic.

They help students get internships and attachments from them. These organizations also hire these students as their brand ambassador. Which helps in spreading the word about their services and goods in campus.

This is a special opportunity to outgoing students who like to socialize with other people.

Their duties include:

  • Holding events to showcase these organizations.
  • Selling some of these products to students
  • Facilitating students signing to some of their services.
  • Creating rapport and monitoring feedback from the students.

5.Halls of residence assistant

In every university or college there are halls of residence. These residences are occupied by a large population of students. In order to have smooth operations in these halls students are advised to apply to these positions.

The benefits are that they get to live here freely and also at times get free meals.

Their Duties include:

  • Acting as a link between students and administration.
  • Overseeing your resident’s safety.
  • Organizing meetings between students and administration so issues arising can be solved.
  • Planning events or outdoor group events for your residence.

6.Social media assistant opportunities

Colleges try to modernize themselves by keeping in touch with the current trends. So students then become the best fit for these opportunities since they are well conversant with social media.

Colleges department need the students to advertise their programs.

Their duties include:

  • Facilitating effective internal communication between students and the administration.
  • Advertising new changes and programs of the departments.
  • Marketing the school to the outside world.
  • Content creation and branding for the school. (blogging)
  • Community outreach
  • SEO optimization

7.Fitness Instructors opportunities

Schools encourage students to stay fit at all times. Colleges have gyms where services like yoga, boxing, lifting and cycling among others are offered.

Fitness enables students stay in shape, meet other students and also make some money.

Their duties include:

  • Teaching other students, the right way to exercise.
  • Maintaining the gym equipment’s.
  • Ensuring the gym is clean to reduce any accidents.
  • Creating diet plans for the students and also hosting workouts.

8.Dining assistant

With cafeterias and food eating joints in schools, it is inevitable to involve students in tackling that large population. Students sign up for these jobs and it helps in improving their culinary skills.

Their duties

  • Serving other students at meal times.
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the eating joints
  • Preparing the dishes and beverages.


Some students who are well equipped with certain topics can offer tutoring services to others. For example, if you know mathematics then you can help your fellow peers who are struggling with the same.
As students advance with their careers, then become experts on some topics. They can then offer their services as freelancers online if they want to.

Their duties include:

  • Working with other students to help them understand key concepts taught in class.
  • Reviewing curricular topics and assignments.
  • Distributing teaching materials to supplement classroom materials.

10.IT assistant

Schools always need help with IT from students for their faculties. Students need some IT skills to partake in these jobs. The more students in IT the more efficient it is.

Their duties include:

  • Helping in updating the school’s computer systems.
  • Installing and maintaining computer networks.
  • Providing technical assistance to other students.


Campuses provide beneficial opportunities to students by the jobs on campus programs. This helps students make some money to sustain themselves.

However, students have to ask about them from the school’s website or even administration to get these opportunities. Therefore, I would encourage college students to get involved in them.

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