Real Hustles Business Youth Opportunities

Real Hustles Business Youth Opportunities

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About Real Hustles Business

Are you a young person interested in business? Would you like to learn more about how and where to get business opportunities? Are you looking to get updates on business ventures and advice on growing your startup ? Then this blog is definitely for you!

As youth in Kenya it is cumbersome to be a startup in this country. Most youth who start business tend to just wing it and hope it goes well. Others have amazing and great ideas that if pursued would make them financially stable.

However, there is a major challenge when is comes to having a coherent and reliable source of information on business for the youth. The information that most Kenyan youth have on the subject is very limited.

This is contributed in part by the fact that, the education system is designed in such a way it doesn’t teach much about business. This is unless you took it as a course in high school or campus. Which leaves many youth without the basics of running a startup.

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Some universities have incorporated an entrepreneurship unit in almost all courses. With about 15.6% of Kenyan youth not being employed, educated or having any technical training, there is still a huge knowledge gap in this area.

The information that is found online can sometimes give a limited view of what it is like to run a business. Therefore sometimes it gets difficult to get the information that is necessary to run a startup. It is not easy to get a clear outline in how to do it.

Real Hustles

Real Hustles , is all about opportunities for the youth and it explores different aspects of business . We look into issues surrounding opportunities and trends that are coming up. Examine different trends and will keep you updated on them.

We do research into different fields and explore some of the challenges that they face. One of the ways we address these challenges is by writing on these topics in order to sensitize youth on these topics. This will help you avoid some of the mistakes most youth startups make.

Another key way we address this is by equipping Kenyan youth with the knowledge on how they can get started. This information tends to be rather scarce and can seem a little bit difficult to find sometimes. However we present you with this information at your convenience.

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Real Hustles blog also, breaks down different aspects of running your company. We help you understand how to go from writing a business plan, raising capital all the way to running it effectively. We give you the knowledge on how to ensure your own financial security through your hustle.

As the owner you may want to learn some basic skills like basic accounting. So we look into tools and courses that can assist you in your journey to learning and growing in your business. We look into affordable business courses you can find to help you run yours better. 

Our aim with Real Hustles business is to ensure you are able to learn and grow your startup, as a young person.

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