7 Online Jobs That Pay The Most In 2021

7 Online Jobs That Pay The Most In 2021

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Online opportunities have been provided by the internet that were not initially there. With the changes in economic development and organizations attempt to modernize, most organizations are embracing the online presence.

To fully thrive in this economy, your business has to be known by many people. This recognition is easily achieved by advertisements that are done through social media platforms.

The growing rate of unemployment in Kenya and the world has forced young professionals to seek other means of income to sustain themselves. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many people losing their jobs. More young people have therefore opted for online jobs.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics,38.9 per cent of Kenya’s youths eligible for work are unemployed. This data is from the 2019 national census.

Online jobs are desirable also because some of them do not need any experience. Most people working at home have other responsibilities like taking care of their families. Some of them are not seeking long term career options but easier ways to earn some cash.

Opportunities like data entry or writing don’t have a long procedure and can be started on the same day you apply for them. Jobs like proofreading and online surveys don’t require much experience and anyone can do it.

Online jobs can be both local and international. They are easily accessible to young professionals from Africa. This is because the bulk from western countries is completed by people in third world countries, especially Africa.

This is also a two-way relationship. The people from western countries get their duties completed while Africans earn some money and also build on their resumes.

The top paying online jobs therefore include:


This is best suited for editors or anyone with an ability to spot errors in a text. People good with word skills can engage in proofreading.

It is also very flexible and its gaining momentum with people. You can work from anywhere and help organizations and business proofread their content before it is posted to the general public.

You can also proofread online marketing materials, different blog posts, eBooks, posts on websites among many others. Your consistently enables you to earn more money.

Proofreaders can earn from ksh 30,000-60,000.

2.Virtual Assistants

online work

Virtual assistants work as remote secretaries or executive assistants doing a range of tasks as required by their contractors. They perform different duties bases on different jobs however their most common ones include:

  • Scheduling client’s appointments and making travel arrangements.
  • Managing their email accounts and making phone calls
  • Organizing paperwork and managing the client’s social media accounts.

Some virtual assistants specialize in graphic design, accounting services, marketing, web development and even blogging among others.

Virtual assistants therefore require some higher level education, skills and specializations before engaging in these tasks.

Their salary includes 50$ per hour.


Blogging is writing about particular topic that are of interest to you on the internet. The topics can range from food, politics, religion, entertainment, health and hygiene, business, celebrities among many others.

Blogging involves creating a website and updating it always with content. It is easier to start a blog as there are some apps like blogger and WordPress which are free.

After a period of time if there is enough traffic to your blog you start earning. Creating large traffic involves advertising your blog to people through social media tools.

Other ways you can earn money through your blog include:

  • Advertisement-placing ads on your website so when people read your content they can also view the ad and then you ear.
  • Sponsored Content-Different brands can offer partnership by allowing you to showcase their items and with these they pay you.
  • Products and Services-Apart from blogging, you can have another side hustle like selling shoes. You can therefore sell your own shoes through your blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing-You can also make money recommending products you love other local business.

With affiliate marketing, you need to create a link that directs your readers to these products. This will enable you get your commission.

People can earn up to ksh 50,000 a month in blogging.

4.Online tutoring

With the disruption of education due to the pandemic and most students being forced back home, Online tutoring has become on the rise as it is a solution to continuation of education.

Knowledge is key and most people are seeking it on a daily basis. Online education is taking over as people try to adjust to the new normal.

Tutors can teach students on various subjects such as music, English, performing arts among others. Tutors have to be qualified in these subjects before they are employed.

There are different websites  such as VIPKid, that connects tutors with students in need of a particular subject. If you are knowledgeable in a particular subject, you can also create online courses and sell them.

They have to be easy to follow and beneficial to students in the long run.

Tutors earn up to 25$ per hour.

5.Freelance writing

Freelance writers are writers who write for more than one client and are paid for each writing assignment they undertake. There are several services freelancers take based on what works best for them.

Freelancing services include:

  • Blog management- you may be responsible for writing, editing and even publishing content on your client’s website.
  • Social media-you can also manage your client’s social media accounts and help them to grow.
  • Ghostwriting-This involves writing content but not stating your name. The client is then seen as the original writer. Most eBook writing employ ghostwriters.
  • Editing-You can offer basic proofreading services to client’s work.
  • Content Creator-You can create creative content for television for your clients.
  • Search Engine Optimization Writer-creating highly optimized content for search engines as a way to rank on google.

Freelancing is very lucrative and one can earn up to 100$ per hour.

6.Becoming an online researcher

Participating in online research and surveying is the easiest way to make money online. No necessary experience is needed and everyone can do it. You can give your own personal feedback on topics such as technology, food or everyday products either through surveys or video calls.

To be a successful researcher one has to be able to read and interpret studies from across different industries. Comprehension skills and writing skills are key.

An understanding on the basis of search engine optimization. Researchers earn differently based on the topics they are working on. One can earn up to 50$-100$ per hour.

7.Becoming an Instagram influencer.

Instagram influencers are people who have created a strong online presence with their Instagram accounts and have many followers. They create trust and credibility with their accounts and people seek for information from them.

They are paid by brands to advertise their products and since they have a wide reach many people can then buy these products.

The more followers you have the more you earn. For influencers with more than 500,000 followers they earn 10,000$ per post.


To start online work, you need a computer or smartphone and good internet connectivity. You then need to grow your online work career. Some websites which have been verified to be credible for online work include: Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Fiverr and PeplePerHour among others.

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