The Best Business Opportunities In Education.

The Best Business Opportunities In Education.

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Education is changing due to recent technology advancements. Most youths question if it is necessary to get an education. This is due to the growth of successful people who do not have a degree.

Social media has seen growth in influencers who get a better pay because of their influence rather than education. On top of that, success stories of people who dropped out of college like Bill Gates or even artists are easily admired. The internet has also provided jobs that require little or no experience. So now people make easier cash.

However, education is one of the tools that drives the society. It provides opportunities that can use even with the world changing. Everyone cannot make it in the social media area. We still need education to bring about change in the society.

Most people question the business aspect they can take with the education sector other than teaching. There are business opportunities in education that one can easily benefit from.

These opportunities are to help people sustain themselves.

The business opportunities in education are massive and entrepreneurs are leveraging on them for these benefits.

These opportunities include the following the following:

1.Opening a book shop

A bookshop is an education oriented business. So when starting one filling it with different books of different genres and authors is vital. Having a wide variety of materials is key as it serves everyone. It is a large market and this is guaranteed to generate you some profits.

2.Starting a printing press

People are reading books for entertainment, finding solutions to their problems and also for religious needs. With these statistic, there is a yearning increase for content.

There is also an increase of authors to curb this demand.So starting a printing press to produce this many books is a good business idea. Additionally, it is one that can generate plenty of profits.


Blogging is a way of distributing information to people through the internet. Therefore it can be an education opportunity itself. Blogging is educating or creating content concerning a particular issue for a targeted audience.

You have to advertise your content through social media tools like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. In return this will bring traffic to your website where people can read your material. The more people read it the more potential for you to earn.

With good traffic you also attract adverts from corporate organizations who will pay you. Additionally, you can also sell your products from your blogs. Blogging is a useful means to earn money from the internet.

4.Tutoring services

With the Covid 19 pandemic, tutoring has been on the rise. With students at home who need education then it is best to offer your expertise.

Students can be tutored in all subjects from mathematics to music. This idea is profitable because payment is based on the negotiations between the tutor and students.

Therefore, you are fully paid for your services. Usually, parents engage teachers to teach their children at home. So it becomes another source of income for teachers and tutors. It is a profitable business in the education sector.

5.Photography and film services

With the technology progressing, most business are modernizing by embracing social media. Social media requires pictures to portray an image that will easily capture people’s attention.

Photography services are now on the rise. An aspiring entrepreneur could learn photography skills and teach them . One could even open a photography and film school. Then it would be a place where students can learn the theory and also put it in practice.

Film services are critical in providing quality videos for commercials and advertisements for top corporations. This makes it important and a big selling point. Entrepreneurs with these skills can easily make money from it.

6.Education Freelancing

Freelancers work for themselves from the comfort of their homes. They take on companies and organizations work through a contract. They are considered contractors. There are different types of freelancing such as

  • Writing and editing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Data entry
  • Software development
  • Project management
  • Technical support
  • Translator
  • videography and photography

If you are skilled in these areas and have time, you can earn from these by seeking these jobs.There are websites where you can secure those jobs. They include Freelancer, Guru and Upwork.

Education provides the skills one can use to freelance and earn.

7.Starting a private primary or high school

The obvious way of benefiting from education opportunities is starting your own school. Of course, there are regulations one has to follow like obtaining a license from the ministry of education. We wrote an article here on some things to do before getting starting a business.

When starting you should decide whether the schools are boarding or not.
Additionally, remember there is a constant growth in population. Moreover education is a need. So schools will never lack students.

This enables sustainability by the profits provided from these schools.

8.Starting skill based schools

Boarding school. Specialist school. SCHOOL TYPES. Public school. Private school. Single-sex school. Co-educational school.

There are different schools providing different services. People pay to get these services. Here are some different types of schools:

Music school

There are very few music schools in Kenya today. However, there is a huge number of students willing to learn the art of music.
In these schools students pay to learn various instruments and features of music. People with a degree in music wold be able to make great teachers here. Also, musicians can teach music and how to play instruments.

Driving school

Every year teenagers who have attained driving age enroll to these schools. Sometimes these students are fresh from high school while others are mature adults.
Therefore,these schools never lack people, making it an assured source of income.

Culinary school

The ongoing pandemic has provided people with time to learn new things. Others have taken to learning how to cook new delicacies. Due to this, a culinary expert is guaranteed to secure income from this venture.

Martial school

Teaching people skills to defend themselves is a great venture. With the rise in insecurity people are applying to these school to learn ways to protect themselves. So opening one of these schools would bring in some good income.

Design school

Design be it fashion or home is a thriving venture all over the globe. This industry has a wide range of customers. People consume clothes daily with different designs and styles.
Hence, teaching people how to design clothes or interior design is a great source of income. Not only can one earn as a teacher in this field but also work as a designer.

Online school

With the pandemic, schools all over the world are embracing online platforms for learning. Several theoretical subjects are taught online like history.

Online schooling encourages continuation of education. Even when it was abruptly cut short, going online has helped students to keep learning.
By starting an online school or learning platform, earning and benefiting from it is easy.


Education provides self-growth, fulfillment and even business opportunities for entrepreneurs. These business ideas can help people sustain themselves. We hope that this article is helpful to you.
Despite of the current pandemic it is possible to start some of these businesses online.

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