These Are The Most Demanded Skills of 2021

These Are The Most Demanded Skills of 2021

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Skills in demand keep on increasing as the workplace and its requirements evolve. Most skills that are in high demand these days are in the field of IT. This is understandable considering how rapidly the field is growing.

This article will be looking at some of the skills in high demand in 2021. These skills may keep on being in high demand for the next few years as these fields are still growing rapidly.


  1. Cloud Computing 
  2. Blockchain 
  3. Artificial intelligence 
  4. UX design 
  5. SEO 
  6. Sales
  7. Business Analysis
  8. Social Media Management 
  9. Cyber security 
  10. Soft skills

Cloud Computing 

This skill has to do with the ability to design and maintain cloud services. It also involves identifying the best cloud services for the company. Cloud services enable employees to access official work information from any device from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet.

This is one of the most in demand skill of 2021. It has several areas from being a cloud engineer to being a network or cloud architect.


If you have heard of Bitcoin then you have heard of blockchain. Working in blockchain, you would be responsible for developing and maintaining blockchain protocols.

However this field keeps on growing. With time, we will see the need of blockchain experts, in fields such as law as countries may need to know how to regulate it.

Career skills
Machine learning from pixabay

Artificial intelligence 

This field tends to be a little bit controversial sometimes. Some fear AI may be the reason we don’t have jobs in future and struggle to make a living.

However jobs in AI are very much in demand. If you know machine learning then your skill is one of the most coveted right now! This job involves programming machines and testing hypothesis in relation to how the human mind works.

UX design 

UX is just short for User Experience. A person working in this field will do research on a product. They recommend or integrate these ideas to make the product more user friendly. 

They have to consider everything about the product from being usable to its function. It’s a skill that is very wide and requires a person to be very analytical. 

Most demanded skills
SEO by pixabay


Another vital skill that is needed these days, is Search Engine Optimization. It involves understanding how search engines work in order to help websites rank higher on them.

This is a field that has recently become high in demand, with many companies going online. 


Sales is still booming like always. It does not seem like it will ever slow down. With the current state of economy being able to convince people to buy a product or service is valuable.

 Every business that exists, is here to sell! So if you can sell products or services then you will likely always have a job. It is also one of the most highly paying jobs too!

Business Analysis

Business analysts are the people responsible for helping businesses integrate their work with technology. They are the ones who help improve the processes, products, services and software through data analysis.

They make recommendations to executives on how to best integrate new systems or softwares. This is to help improve the business performance.

From pixabay

Social Media Management

 This is one of the new jobs. It is fairly new and very high in demand. It requires being knowledgeable in using social media platforms and growing their followers and engagement.

This helps businesses to get leads and get more clients.

Cyber security 

Well with everything being online these days, there is a huge need for Cyber Security. This skill helps companies to secure their websites and databases from hackers.

With the ever growing risk of hackers and with the growth of online businesses and storage of information on the cloud services, this skill is highly needed.

Soft skills

These are skills that are of a wide range. These go from creativity to empathy.They are character traits and interpersonal skills. These skills are important when it comes to workplace interaction. They complement your other skills.

While some of these are not taught in school, they are valuable and needed in the workplace. For instance being persuasive can be helpful if you do sales. Being creative can be helpful if you are a social media marketer. These skills are needed and very important.These are just some of the skills in demand.

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