Successful Blogging in 2021

Successful Blogging in 2021

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How To Be A Successful Blogger

With countless of blogs on the internet and many others coming up, starting yours may feel intimidating. However, just because there are several blogs does not mean yours cannot thrive. If you intend to start a successful blog then this article is for you.

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  1. Find a niche
  2. Choose a platform 
  3. Offer Value
  4. Encourage Interaction
  5. Make commenting easy
  6. Be consistent 
  7. Market your content 
  8. Make it easy to read
  9. Use images
  10. Use your analytics

Find a Niche

To find your niche, you simply need to look at your interests. From there, pick one and focus your blog on it and other related content. Choose an interest you are passionate about.

One of the mistakes people make is being all over the place with their content which tends to confuse viewers. Just like in business you want to be known for something specific. We have an article that addresses avoidable mistakes that online business make just click here to find it.

If you choose cooking, then your blog will be about cooking and you can also occasionally blog about health as well.

Choose a platform

There are many platforms you could choose to blog from. The most popular ones being WordPress, Wix and Blogger. When choosing your platform simply look at what they each offer and which one best matches your needs.

When choosing your platform consider how simple it is to set up, if it is flexible in terms of expanding the blog or even exporting. Also consider the pricing. 

Offer Value

Once you have chosen your platform and have already set it up, you can start blogging. However, as you blog ensure your content is adding value to your audience.

You do this by ensuring the content you are providing, is informative, practical and useful. Also make sure it is unique.

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Encourage interaction

When you post to your blog, you do not want it to lack interaction. It is important to let your viewers know that you would love their feedback. 

Do this by simply adding a call to action in your content. Ask your readers, to give you feedback or tell you what they think about your article. Also ask them to share and if you have a newsletter you publish, ask them to subscribe to it.

Make it easy to comment

Have you ever tried to comment on a post and had to log in or sign up first? While that is usually standard across platforms sometimes the process seems too long. This in turn puts off anyone who wants to comment.

Make it as easy as your platform allows you, for your readers to comment. People hate having to go through several steps to do a simple task like commenting or liking a post. Make it easy by installing plug-ins to allow log in with Google or Facebook. Alternatively, ensure signing up is a short process. Also ensure you respond to comments.

Blogging Consistency 

Blogging needs a lot of discipline. You need to be consistent with how you post and give people a heads up if you are taking some kind of hiatus. Leaving your audience hanging or posting irregularly can kill your blog.

At first it may feel difficult but the trick is to write as much content as you can and simply schedule all of it. Then your work reduces massively! Also try having back up content for when you are not able to write or you are not available. This will keep your audience engaged and interested in your blog.

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Market your content

You have started your blog and have published your first articles. The next step is, share! Share your content with friends and family. Make use of your social media and market your content there as well.

People may not find you on google top search pages the first time. So you have to market yourself. Let people interact with your content and help to push you upwards. Usually the more interaction a post has, the higher it can rank on google.

Make it easy to read

These days people just scan through articles. Very few will read it word for word. This is why your articles have to be straight to the point. Unless you are writing a story or novel on your blog, keep things brief.

If your article is long like this one, break it down into sections. This makes it easier to read and someone can find what they are more interested in and read it.

Use Images

Blogs with images tend to perform better compared to those without images. Images can send a message faster to a reader without even reading the post. People tend to be attracted to articles with visual aids.

You can use images to also provide your viewer with a break while reading your article. Using visual aids like graphs and charts can also be helpful. Just make sure whatever image you use, it is relevant to your post.

Make use of your analytics 

Analytics are something you will have access to as a blogger. Use that information to assess the performance of your blog. You can use it to shift how you blog and make it more effective.

You can see the most popular times people visit your pages, when they are mostly viewing your content among other things. Use that information to your advantage to maximize the growth and performance of your blog.

If you find this article useful, please give us your feedback in the comments below and share with others as well. You can click here to get information on things to do before launching your online business.

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