Scholarships Opportunities For Africans

Scholarships Opportunities For Africans

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Finding scholarships can sometimes be a little bit of a tough. There are always some ads or fake websites popping up. Therefore students tend to get lost in the flood of information online.

In this article, we take you through finding a scholarship as an African in very few steps. We also provide you with website resources that we find helpful when searching for scholarships.

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Before you search for a Scholarship 

You need to, first of all, decide on what you are going to study. Then you need to know where you would like to go to study. This will help to narrow your search online. At least know one of those two, to begin.

That way, you can search for your scholarships by location or by course you would like to study. It will help to bring you more helpful information.

Government institutions as well as private organizations award scholarships to students. Some are renewable others are not. Be very keen when applying and make sure you understand their requirements.

Before applying for abroad that are highly competitive, start with those at home. Most students tend to ignore local opportunities and education grants. These are usually offered by private institutions or NGOs. The government also offers these opportunities.

Remember scholarships come in every form. These days you can get one for dancing or writing. Therefore keep a lookout for such chances while searching for scholarship opportunities.

Where to find scholarships 

On the internet, many websites offer free information on scholarships. However, remember when applying that no payment should be made during this process. Always verify with the official organization offering the scholarship.

You can always apply for scholarships on the official website of the university you would like to attend. Most universities will review your application for it as you apply for a course there.
We have also listed some of the websites you can find scholarships listed at the end of this article.

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 List of Interesting scholarships 

The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate scholarship program 

This is for students who are pursuing a Master’s degree. It is a joint effort by the world bank and the Japanese government. It is to help students from developing countries to acquire an education.

The students who go through this program are required or expected return to their home countries. This allows them to use the skills and education acquired to develop their countries

2. UCL African graduate scholarship

UCL is a university in the UK that offers scholarships for graduate students. This scholarship is to support African nationals with a high-quality academic and professional background. It is a one-off award.

3. Commonwealth distance-learning scholarship

This scholarship is to support students of certain developing countries within the Commonwealth. The scholarships are funded by the foreign commonwealth and development office.

4. MasterCard foundation scholarship

This program is under the MasterCard scholars program. It was founded to develop the next generation of African leaders. It provides financial, social, and academic support to scholars.

They do this by covering tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other scholarly materials.         

5. Seoul national university scholarship

These scholarships are both for undergraduate and graduate students. If you want to advance your education in South Korea, then this scholarship program would be the one for you.

Check out their website for applications.

6. Great scholarships

These are scholarships for universities in the UK. They offer 10 scholarships from UK universities across a number of different subjects for Kenyan students.

Websites that list scholarship opportunities 

The following websites make it easier for students to find scholarship opportunities. 

  1. Scholars4dev
  2. Top Universities
  3. AfterSchool Africa
  4. Opportunities for Africans
  5. Africa Scholarships 
  6. Scholarship positions 
  7. Scholarships portal

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