How To Update Your CV To Get The Job

How To Update Your CV To Get The Job

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CV writing may seem easy but it is a major challenge faced by young people in the job market. Many young professionals today tend to apply for jobs using one resume. They may seem unaware of the fact that each job has different requirements. Therefore it is vital to ensure that relevant information is left on your CV when applying for jobs. 

Therefore it is vital to know how to update your resume to be more relevant. 


  1. Check your keywords 
  2. Update your format
  3. Update your skills
  4. Get rid of irrelevant positions 
  5. Use bullet points
  6. Proofread 
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Check your keywords 

When applying for a position, specific keywords are used. These words can be found in the job description of the job you are applying for. 

For instance, a keyword could be, attention to detail. Therefore this should also reflect in your CV. It shows the employer the relevance of your skill to the position in question.

Update your CV format

You need to ensure the resume format you are using is current. Contact information, Education, Honors & Awards, Thesis titles(if any), Research Experience, Work Experience are all on the CV. Make sure you also use the proper font type and size. Recommended fonts are Times New Roman, Arian, Calibri at size 10-12. Use the Times New Roman at size 12 to be on the safe side.

Each section of your CV must have a uniform editing style. So if you choose to write your education in italics, make sure all the schools are in italics. Your CV should be neat and easy to read. Remember that it always has to be relevant to your application and very brief. Try to keep it one page or even two pages.

Update your skills

When it comes to the skills section on the CV, you need to follow the same rule as the keywords. Add relevant skills that you have been acquiring. Remember that there are two kinds of skills. 

There are technical skills such as accounting or coding and soft skills like time management and having attention to detail. 

While you do not have to separate them when indicating skills, make sure you include both types in your CV.

Keep your focus on ensuring you show that the skills you have match what is required to perform the job.

Cv format
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Get rid of irrelevant positions 

You may have been in the workspace for a few years now. If so, then look at which positions demonstrate your skills. 

Focus on the positions that match the job you are applying for. Remember to include the roles and responsibilities you had in those positions as well.

It is alright to have your previous or current position on your CV if you are beginning your career, and they do not seem as relevant. 

Use bullet points

If you are going to make a list on your CV, use bullet points. These keep your CV organized and easy to read through. Nobody has the time to read very long paragraphs as a result. Always keep it brief and straight to the point.


Yes, you must read through your CV again and again! Make sure you do not have any typos or lingering unnecessary information. Ensure your CV matches the job description to make it relevant. Leaving such errors can disqualify you because it may show you are careless or do not care at all.

If you can update your CV in this way, it will increase the chances of getting a job interview. Remember that a resume tells the person who sees it who you are. It also tells them if they should hire you or not. It is the first stage of an interview before anything else happens.

Therefore, ensuring that your resume is updated, relevant and neat will help you get an interview.  Now that your CV is ready you can click here to get some tips on landing your dream job.

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