How To Make Your Business Memorable?

How To Make Your Business Memorable?

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All organizations and businesses are competing on a daily for customer’s attention. So it is necessary that you stand out from the crowd. Customers are bombarded with a lot of information every day and they therefore need something unique to capture their attention.

Creating a powerful brand leaves a mark in people’s mind. It enables them to associate a product or service they need with your brand. A memorable brand has profound impact on your business. For example, it will increase sales leading to increased profits. So the more people know you and like your products the more they buy.

Memorability enables business sustainability since most people will embrace and use your products.

The following are the different ways to make your business memorable:

1.Offering quality services


By giving customers with better services than they have gotten somewhere else is a guaranteed way to make them remember you.

For example

  • Responding to questions asked quickly
  • Conducting surveys to measure customer’s satisfaction.
  • Resolving any complains that have been raised
  • Soliciting feedback through social media pages

By engaging in this activities and ensuring customer interaction with the business, Customers get to feel like they are part of your brand. They never forget when they are treated nicely.

For instance, people prefer Safaricom services to any other network because their services are efficient and are reliable. To add to this, a good reputation and rapport with customers increases the chances of your business getting recommendations.


In the era of social media, advertising has been made easy by tools like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and twitter among many others. So companies don’t need to pay much for either print or even television advertisement.

They can advertise through:

  • Advertising on social media websites.
  • Creating brochures and distributing them
  • Placing advertisements on local newspapers and magazines.
  • Advertising on radio and Television.
  • Advertising on billboards.

Consumers have to be reminded of an existence of a product almost daily before they take the initiative to purchase it. For example, coca cola advertises itself with all these channels even though it is widely recognized. In so doing it increases awareness of the brand and its products.

3.Creating free samples and giveaways

A giveaway is a prize given by business as a reward usually for promotion services. It triggers positive emotions on people such as excitement and anticipation in people.

This is the easiest way to be memorable. Free samples and giveaways create a lasting impression. So customers embrace it because they like free things especially if they are good quality.

Giveaways are very effective in:

  • Increasing a business website traffic
  • Boosting the brand awareness
  • Garnering free customer reviews and referrals
  • Supplying the business with new social media followers

Your employees can stand in public places like shopping malls, bus stations, church entry and give out your free samples or small gifts to people who pass by. Vouchers can also be given if purchases are made or prize discounts indicated.

Giving out these samples in public places creates curiosity making other people want to join in. This create a lasting impression on people’s minds.

4.Local Community involvement

Business that is involved in its community shows its corporate social responsibility. People from the community know that you care and they in turn associate with your is a two-way relationship where each one benefits. It raises a business profile.

Business can be involved in a community by:

  • Sponsoring some student’s education.
  • Sponsoring sporting events
  • Donating to a local charity
  • Taking part in fundraiser
  • Participating in local events
  • Sponsoring infrastructure in the community.

Business involvement with the community is key. This is because it not only creates a favorable environment for work, but also creates trust ensuring business success.

5.Designing a brand logo

Your business logo should be eye catchy and also different from the rest. It should reflect your business and every time someone sees it then your business should come to mind.

This logo should be displayed on many different items like t-shirts, cars,receipts,business cards, invoices so that people see your branding which increases awareness.

For example, when you hear the name Coca-Cola you probably picture its well-known logo. Coca-Cola prints its logo on the products it puts out.

6.Build an online community

Creating an online community enables greater communication between you and your customers. Customers can ask their questions or site their discontent and be heard and answered.
There are different ways of creating online communities. From social media handles to creating online memberships for your clients.

Membership site has its own advantages to business such as:

  • You can focus on recent customers and increase the frequency of their purchases
  • Create a free repository of information
  • Test products and generate ideas from users to build better products
  • Increase customer retention.
  • Create better customer support since your staff can focus on important concerns.

Building a membership site can leave an impression on your customers making the business memorable to them.

7.Memorable business name

Business name
Courtesy of Pixabay

Create a memorable name for your business and not one that leaves people confused when they hear it.For instance, if you have a bakery business, Sweet Cakes is much better than Food joint which doesn’t make it clear on what exactly it is that you do.

The name should be short and snappy for easier remembrance.

You could also use it with a catchy tagline or slogan. Slogan shows your business identity in few words. Slogans appeal to emotions and your unique selling point.

For Sweet Cakes it can be, Will Leave You Wanting for More. This tells customers of how much they will love the cakes.


These are just some of the few ways you can make your business more memorable. Remember, a positive memorable experience that a client has with your business will always bring them back.

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