Hoping For The Best Outcome As KCPE Continues

Hoping For The Best Outcome As KCPE Continues

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KCPE Proceeds

KCPE has been the entrance exam to high schools in Kenya for decades. It has been the foundation of our education. Most children are taught to believe passing these exams sets you up for success. Every year primary school pupils sit for these examinations with the hope of joining a National High School.

This year is no different. Despite challenges with COVID-19, the ministry of Education has gone ahead to proceed with the exams. With the COVID-19 measures being taken, the number of registered candidates for the exams is higher.

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The trend of KCPE candidate registration for these national exams has been increasing each year. Therefore, indicating a good sign for the future of our country. This year we have 1,191,725 candidates sitting for the exams. Those registered last year were 1,187,517 candidates.

Today marks the second day of the KCPE examinations. The exams are continuing today are Science, Kiswahili Lugha, and Kiswahili Insha. The exams are continuing in 28,467 exam centers. They will finish tomorrow with Social Studies and R.E.

These examinations will determine which high schools the pupils will attend a few months from now. Parents, teachers and the candidates are all hoping for the best outcome. As the pupils forge their bright future, we wish them the very best.

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