How Do You Navigate Business In a Lockdown?

How Do You Navigate Business In a Lockdown?

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Return of the lockdown

The president announced on Friday, 26 March 2021, the return of the lockdown. It affects Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru, Kajiado, and Machakos. Curfew hours were re-adjusted to start from 8 PM-4 AM!

It is back to working from home once again!

Adhere to COVID-19 regulations 

The government has come up with regulations to help restrain the pandemic from spreading. It is upon the business owners to ensure they are compliant. 

Compliance is the first step a business should take to remain open. So they have to ensure that employees and customers on their premises water masks, sanitize, and maintain social distancing.

Restaurants have to make sure that they do no have people on their premises and only do takeaways and deliveries.

 Due to the new curfew hours, businesses must close early to avoid getting caught outside late. The only exception is the essential workers and services.

Following the regulations will ensure that the businesses are all able to keep running without further government interference. 

COVID-19 lockdown business precautions
Image by Venita Oberholster from Pixabay

Reassess your business costs and negotiate 

With the new measures in place, businesses will have to reassess their strategies. Taking time to reassess the costs of running the business is essential to remain profitable.

Last year when the lockdown was in place, businesses shut down their physical premises, and most moved online to run their operations there. Others cut down on labor to remain profitable. Meanwhile, others shifted their suppliers to cheaper ones to keep their profit margins.

Whatever strategy a business takes to remain profitable is entirely dependent upon the nature of their business. While some can run purely online some cannot! Therefore, taking time to assess what is necessary for the business to keep making a profit is vital.

You can also make use of this lockdown to negotiate your bills and costs. Since everyone is aware of the current situation, it would be easier to negotiate favorable terms. 

Look for creative solutions to stay open/adapt

This pandemic has been with us for over one year now! It may be a while before it goes away or we have it fully under control. Therefore, waiting for it to vanish to go about business is not an option. Getting creative and thinking outside the box is necessary. Adapting to the “new normal” is important for both business and individuals.

One of the options businesses have is to go online and cut down on the costs of running the business from a physical location. Another option is to diversify their products and services. 

Last year we saw companies and small businesses starting to make masks locally as well as hospital beds. They diversified their businesses to help them remain relevant. Others sold sanitizers or offered them alongside their other products as a way to promote their new sanitizers. 

These are creative ways to stay relevant and to keep running a business within the current crisis. You could also brainstorm with your team to find a new innovative way to serve clients.

Youth business
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Consult experts

Every field has an expert. When reassessing your business call in an expert to help you organize and restructure your business. Remember this is a crucial moment so you cannot afford mistakes that will cost you money. Run the major decisions you make by experts to help you strategically pivot and catapult your business during this pandemic.

If you cannot afford the services of an expert, then you can find an alternative online. There are freelancers online who would be willing to help you. When hiring one you need to ensure you take time to go through their portfolio and reviews. Not only is it cheaper and an effective route to help save your business, but you provide employment.


With the new strain of the virus spreading and limited vaccines available at the moment, businesses need to adapt to change. Adaptability is a trait of any successful business. 

Given the current economic climate, businesses have to be cautious, creative, and flexible to thrive. 

If you are a business owner, starting a business or simply thinking of starting a business; what are some of the challenges you are facing with the pandemic still going on? Also, tell us what you think about this article and give us your feedback in the comment section below. Click here to read on navigation of your career while in lockdown.

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