How Focus And Drive Helped Her Become The President of Tanzania

How Focus And Drive Helped Her Become The President of Tanzania

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Woman Of The Hour

In March, we were celebrating women. In East Africa, we saw a woman become the President of Tanzania. She has been making headlines ever since then.

She has been making changes and showing that indeed women are more than able to run a country. A video of the Her Excellency President of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan, went viral, where she tells the story of how she grew in her career.

Unguja Island

She told the story of how she grew up on Unguja Island, in Zanzibar. Then went on to get her first job as a desk clerk. She desired to be a leader someday but did not know how she would get there. 

While working for the ministry of plannings as a desk clerk, she got elected and was appointed by the then president, to be a minister. That was in the year 2000.

Being a woman, she said, working with men was not easy for her. However, she kept working and doing her best and got re-elected in 2005 again. 

Since then, she kept progressing in her political career and became the first female Vice President in Tanzania. Little did she know she would become the President of Tanzania.

You Can Do It!

 In her speech she encouraged people by telling them, she is not the most qualified woman nor is she the best but God has given her this opportunity.

Whatever your dreams may be, do not give up! Your gender does not matter! If you remain persistent and keep giving your best in all your duties, you will one day fine yourself at the top! Keep ceasing the opportunity.

We wish you the very best in your career and we wish all the women all the best even as they progress in business and career. If you would like to learn how you can prepare for your career, on here!

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