How To Navigate Your Career During Lockdown

How To Navigate Your Career During Lockdown

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Navigation of Career during Lockdown 

Since the pandemic started, several people have lost their jobs and had to think of creative ways to make ends meet. Therefore, it only makes sense to learn how to adapt careers to the current changes we witness daily in our economy.

It is necessary to shift how we looked at jobs and careers and to start adopting new strategies. Everything becoming remote and online is a huge trend we have seen in the past year. Therefore let us look at how we can navigate our professions, because this “new normal” may be our long-term normal.

1)Prepare for Remote Recruiting 

With the struggle to contain the COVID-19 virus, most businesses have moved their recruitment process online. Interviews are mostly done over the phone or via Skype and Zoom calls. 

Most companies have asked their employees to work from home. Some work with a rotating schedule of office attendance for the employees. Others are only permitting the essential staff to work from the office.

With all these changes in the workplace, it is only natural to prepare to be a remote worker; Especially if your occupation is not one that necessarily requires you to be at the office. 

Do you have a stable internet connection? Are you living in an area with a good supply of electricity? Do you have a laptop or desktop computer? These are the necessities to be a remote worker. 

There are very few companies that will provide laptops for employees. They prefer if you already have your own. Also, have to ensure your phone network is good. This will help you when communicating with your employer or clients.

Also, look into working on your phone interview skills as well as video call interview skills.

2)Look for temporary or contract roles

While most companies have reduced their workforce, they still need some services and expertise. Therefore they are hiring on a temporary or contract basis. 

How does this help you? Well, it opens up the opportunity for you to work as a freelancer and apply for those contract and temporary jobs.

While these jobs may not offer you job security, they allow you to make a living and add to your overall experience.

career during lockdown
Working from home

3) Consider freelancing websites

You may be wondering where you can get those contracts and temporary jobs! This leads us to look for new job entry points. While regular job websites offer job listings and openings daily, it is vital to diversify.

There are websites you can post your skills and get short-term jobs and contracts almost immediately. These are called freelancing websites. If you have never been a freelancer before, this may be an ideal time for you to learn.

It doesn’t cost you anything. All you have to do is create accounts with freelancing websites such as Upwork or Freelancer and then start bidding for jobs and contracts there.

The beauty of this is you can set your rates and bid for as many jobs as you desire.

4) Build your skills

Working from provides the perfect opportunity to improve on our skills. It is a great chance to brush up on tech skills if you have been lagging.

Take time and look at trends in your field. Which jobs are employers advertising? Which new skills are needed? How up to date are you when it comes to your skills?

Enroll in online workshops and online courses that will help you improve your skills. If you already advanced, how about you offer online classes and workshops on these skills. 

Improving your skill will help you stay ahead of the rest and keep you in demand even as the workplace evolves. 

Job application
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

5) Keep applying for jobs

Sometimes people apply for jobs and give up because they feel they have done it for so many jobs without results. Do not give up on your job applications. Keep on applying. 

As you apply keep ensuring you are using an updated CV and your cover letter is well written. Sometimes your employer or the perfect opportunity is just the next application you make.


Finally, start networking. Networking means making new connections with people who are relevant to your career. 

This can be done using platforms such as LinkedIn and you can join professional Facebook groups. Another way to network is by joining webinars where you can interact with people in your field. 

Networking helps to navigate one’s career, by connecting them to people who can assist in getting promotions, find better opportunities and even start their own companies.

As the workplace keeps evolving it is important to keep an open mind. Embracing new and creative ways to grow in our respective fields is essential now more than ever.

We hope that our tips will help you gain insight and ideas into how you can navigate your career.

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