Why This Year’s Forbes List Of Billionaires Is Shocking!

Why This Year’s Forbes List Of Billionaires Is Shocking!

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Billionaires Increased

The Forbes list of 2021 is out! 86% of the world’s wealthiest people got even wealthier in a pandemic! The billionaire list is at its record high with several new entrants. There are 493 new billionaires in the world right now! That 1 new billionaire every 17hours! 

This year 210 of them are from China alone and 98 from the USA. The countries with the most billionaires are the USA with 724, China with 698, India with 140, Germany with 136, and Russia with 117.

Kim Kardashian image from wiki commons

Some familiar new entrants to the Forbes billionaire list include Kim Kardashian West, who is currently worth $1 .4 Billion. This is from her cosmetics company KKW and Skims increased in sales last year during the pandemic. Her sister Kylie was kicked off the list but is worth $700 million. 

Tyler Perry is worth $1Billion now his wealth coming from movies and television. 

The youngest new self-made billionaire is Standard dropout Austin Russel, 26, who has formed automotive sensor firm Luminar technologies and is worth 2.4 Billion. While the youngest woman who is a new self-made billionaire is Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is the co-founder of the dating app Bumble. The youngest billionaire is Kevin David Lehman, 18, whose father transferred his stake in drugstore chain dm-drogerie mkt to him. He is worth $3.3 Billion.

The Forbes billionaires list proves that it is possible to make money even in a pandemic. The most interesting thing about the list is, most billionaires are self-made. What are your thoughts on the increase in billionaires?  
In case you missed it, here is a link to the top industries producing billionaires.

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