Places You Can Find Job Opportunities

Places You Can Find Job Opportunities

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Where to Search for job opportunities

Have you been searching for a job? Are you looking to get employed soon and do not know where to start looking out for jobs? Well with the scarcity of job opportunities these days, it can be difficult to find employment.

In today’s article, we will be exploring some solutions to this, that can be applied by anyone in search of a job.

There are two main options for finding a job: 

a) Online options

 b) Offline options

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Online options

Online options are the most commonly used method of finding jobs these days. Employers post jobs there most of the time and then expect the applicants to apply online as well. Here are some places you can find jobs on the internet.

These opportunities can be found on :

1) Job websites

2) Professional Networking Websites

3) Social Media

4) Freelancing websites

5) Company websites

Job websites

These are websites where employers post open job opportunities in their companies. If you have ever googled for jobs then you have come across these websites. These are websites like Indeed, Brighter Monday, My careers Kenya and Monster.

Sometimes the jobs posted there has a link to the official company recruiting portal, where you can apply for the positions available. Some of these websites allow you to upload your updated resume to your profile so that employers can find you instead. 

Professional Networking websites

A networking website is one where you can connect with people at a professional level. It is like social media but for serious business only. 

The most popular professional networking website is LinkedIn. People create their professional profiles and connect with people in their field to help them advance their careers.

LinkedIn also provides the option to search for jobs and apply for them. Accessing these opportunities is easy. However, the part most people miss is ensuring that their profiles are up to date. Tell us in the comment section below if you would like us to write an article on how to update your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn profiles are just like a resume and should be updated and well-edited. Employers often look for talented and qualified candidates on LinkedIn and recruit them directly. Therefore always ensure all relevant skills, qualifications and experience are on your profile and get active and interact with your connections.

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Social media

Social media is mostly used by young people to stay in touch and updated on trending events. It is also used as a tool for sharing information with others. Over the past few years, we have seen social media evolve and provide jobs and a source of income to many people.

Becoming a social media personality can open doors to getting brand deals and sponsorships, however social media is also a great place to find jobs.

Most people tend to overlook jobs on social media. There are very many opportunities that are posted on there daily.

Moreover these days there are Facebook groups where one can find jobs relevant to their field of study. Facebook also has a jobs section where one can post or apply for jobs. 

Tiktok is also an excellent tool to use to advertise your skills to people. Tiktok provides a platform where one can post short videos, which are then viewed by other users on the app. One can create videos demonstrating their skills, which can open opportunities for them to either get employed or work as a freelancer.

Freelancing websites

Freelancing websites such as freelancer and Upwork are excellent for finding jobs and gigs matching your skills and qualifications. The beauty of freelancing websites is that you will be able to set how much you want to get paid per gig. Some gigs can end up becoming contracts. 

Websites like Freelancer allow you to search for contracts and to bid on them. These contracts are usually posted by companies or recruiters who are looking for temporary and affordable freelancers.

To ensure you get more gigs, always make sure you give your best work. This is because clients will rate your work and then give reviews that will be seen by potential clients. Therefore ensure that the work you do always meets the requirements of your client and you meet deadlines. Keep an open channel of communication with your clients at all times, so as to build good associations with them.

Company websites

Company websites are the fastest way to check if a specific company is employing or has any open positions that meet your qualifications. Some companies have a portal where you can sign up and then create your user profile with all the details and updated resume.

 They also give you the option to get notified of future job opportunities that match your profile. Always accept to get notified of these opportunities to ensure you do not miss out on jobs that you qualify for.

Ask for jobs
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Offline Options

These are options that do not require you to have an internet connection. These options include:

1.Asking friends and family 

2. Walking into companies and ask for open opportunities

Ask friends and family 

When looking for a job it is important to learn to be vocal and let people know you are looking for a job. Do not be ashamed of being unemployed or of being in search of a job. Always remember your friends and family are part of your network.

When people who care about you know you need a job, they will be more likely to forward to you opportunities that they have seen. Also if opportunities come up in their companies they will be inclined to help you land those jobs. 

Walk into companies and ask for open opportunities

This is a very old-fashioned way of getting jobs but it still works! Many small companies are not yet online. Therefore, just try to leave the house and walk around different offices and ask for open jobs, you will find that many small offices and practices may need an assistant or secretary. 

Small restaurants and supermarkets also do not advertise that often when they are employing, however, these are places that employ people often. Walking there and asking for open positions will likely land you a job as a waiter or delivery boy or cashier very quickly. 

Remember as you search for a job that having your documents ready is important. Because it will increase your chances of getting a callback and eventually landing a job. 

Do not give up on applying. Keep applying with patience eventually, you will land a job suitable for you.

We hope that this article has given you some insight into how you can find and land jobs. Which is method have you been using to apply for jobs? Which one are you going to start trying out now?

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