Job Opportunities For the Youth

Job Opportunities For the Youth

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Internships Posted this week

Are you looking for internships?

Here are some internships posted this week!

Kenya airways internships

This is Kenya’s airline and is one of the oldest companies in Kenya. They just posted for some internship opportunities. Click here to find them.

KCB jobs

KCB is one of the largest banks in Kenya and one of the most profitable ones too! They posted a few jobs. Click here to apply for them.

Financial analyst jobs

Being a financial analyst is a good career path. A path in the financial field can be lucrative and we wrote an article on some of the most lucrative jobs in Kenya here. To check out financial analyst jobs posted this week click here.

Internship job opportunities.
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Administration jobs 

These are jobs for recent graduates regardless of their field. Click here to find them.

If there is a field you would like us to post on tell us and we will be keeping you updated. Check out some of our other articles to help you prepare for a job.

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