Scholarships For High School Students In Kenya

Scholarships For High School Students In Kenya

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Scholarships For High School Students 

K.C.P.E ended a few weeks ago and the results were announced last week! So naturally we are here updating you with a list of scholarships for students joining high school very soon.

If you are looking to join university, we have a list for you, click here. Also if you are also planning on studying abroad just click here to see the most affordable way to do so.

High school Scholarships
Image from Equity Bank Facebook Page

Here is the list of scholarships:

To apply for these scholarships just click on any of them.

  1. Wings to Fly
  2. KCB highschool scholarships 
  3. Mpesa Foundation Academy Scholarships
  4. Elimu Fund Foundation 
  5. Kenya Education Fund
  6. International School of Kenya
  7. Beacon Scholarships 
  8. Palmhouse Foundation Scholarships 

These are just some of the scholarships that we have been able to track down online. However,  Family Bank and Cooperative Bank are known to offer scholarships for high school students. If interested, contact them directly or go to your nearest branch to find out the application process.

We hope this list will be helpful to you, even as you aim to progress your education or that of your child. 

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