Why You Must Always Be Patient In Life

Why You Must Always Be Patient In Life

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A while ago I attended a retreat with friends. During this retreat, we went outside and sat with one of the facilitators who proceeded to ask a simple question. 

She asked us, “If you took a seed to plant a tree today will you wake up tomorrow and find a huge tree outside the house tomorrow?” 

Naturally, the answer was and is still no! So I answered and said no. She replied and said, “Very good!”

Seed growing with patience and persistence
Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

Then as though she had been possessed by some psychic spirit she looked at me dead in the eye and said,” Then why is it that when you start something today you expect it to be thriving instantly?”

The question was obviously being posed to the entire group. However, the fact that she looked at me when asking that question made me freeze.

This is because l had been in the habit of starting projects and expecting them to thrive overnight!  

So when she asked that question it hit me rather differently. The writing was clear to me. Maybe I should plant more trees and while I’m at it learn some patience.

Be Patient

Sometimes we see thriving businesses and successful people and forget that what we are seeing is nothing more than the grown tree. We do not see the seed not how it grew.

Anytime you start something, expect it to take time to thrive. Overnight success is as easy as winning the lottery! 

If you desire to thrive then patience and persistence are virtues we must foster within ourselves. 

Patience, patient
Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Remember a tree can take years to grow but once its roots are well established and it is firm in the ground, it will outlast any storm and even outlast the person who planted it!

Whatever business you are starting today, look at it as your legacy. A legacy that will outlive you. Work on its foundation and roots! Let it be so strong and flexible it will outlive not only you but also every economic crisis!

It is possible if only you can be patient and be persistent like a tree. Have a great weekend ahead as you rejuvenate and ponder on how to move forward.

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