Happy Employees Give You A Productive Company

Happy Employees Give You A Productive Company

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When it comes to work productivity there is a lot that can be covered. Time management has often been one of the key factors in how productive employees are. However, there are several other factors such as having the right tools for work, proper environment and surprisingly happiness.

Yes! How happy you or employees are, can determine how productive the company is. A study from Oxford shows that happier workers are 13% more productive than their counterparts.

While this is not news anymore it is a good factor to consider when working for a company. Does your work make you happy? Does your environment in the workplace make you happy at all? If not then it would not be surprising if you are not productive.

Happiness = More Productivity

Productivity of workers is linked to happiness
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This can be resolved by switching jobs or career altogether. However, before you do that, you can simply raise some of the issues that make you uncomfortable at work with your manager, in order to find a resolution to them.

It is always recommended that employers motivate their employees.This can be done by ensuring employees are heard, incentives and promotions should be implemented and any hostile work behavior be curbed.

Additionally equip them with necessary tools and extra training to work effectively. Employees in turn will be more motivated. Their happiness levels will increase and so will their productivity. 

When a company invests in its employees, it gives them confidence to grow in their careers there. Most companies that train their employees tend to retain them longer than those that don’t. This especially true when the company offers opportunities for the employees to grow and use the skills they have acquired.

The customer may always be right but remember a happy employee is a productive one! If you would like to read on how KRA in Kenya plans to collect taxes click here. To understand why you should use TikTok for marketing click here.

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