5 Reasons You Should Join A Club On Campus

5 Reasons You Should Join A Club On Campus

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Why Students Should Join Clubs

Students on campus are usually busy with classes and assignments. Others are always busy doing some research projects. Clubs and societies as well as other extracurricular activities are made available to help students cope with life on campus. They also assist students to get acclimatized to their new environment and make new friends.

In this article, we give you 5 reasons students should join a club or at least one extracurricular activity on campus.

Creates opportunities to grow their career early

Joining clubs opens up the opportunity for students to explore and start growing their careers. Clubs organize events that educate and expose students to career development. The students also get a chance to enroll or apply for part-time jobs as brand ambassadors when their clubs collaborate with organizations on huge events on campus. 

Some clubs and societies also organize events with key speakers that can give the students significant career and academic advice that can help them to plan.

Clubs and societies aid in growth
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Sometimes extracurricular activities can lead to scholarships and even end up becoming your full-time career! For example, if you are a natural athlete and compete for your university, you can get a scholarship or end up getting scouted and taken by national teams and trainers. 

To read on some scholarship opportunities click here.

Skill development 

Clubs are centered around students’ interests. Interests are very wide and could include skills such as language, entrepreneurship and others. There are clubs in campus that help in the development of these skills.

When students join such clubs it gives them the opportunity to grow and improve their skills and practice them. It also provides an opportunity to receive mentorship as well as encouragement to keep developing their skills.

Creating New Friends 

When joining university or college, it can be difficult to make new friends. This is especially true when your friends from high school are in different colleges. Clubs give students the chance to make new friends with similar interests.

Having friends with similar interests helps the students to stay focused and to stay motivated to grow while in campus. This also helps the students to acclimatize to their new environment quickly. 

Clubs and society in university
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The friends you make in campus can be very useful in future when it comes to networking. When you are in campus remember you are interacting with people who are the next generation of professionals. Therefore, connecting with them early can aid in you in future.

Improve your resume

Having clubs on your resume can be helpful in improving your qualifications for jobs. This is especially true if you took an active leadership role or accomplished something significant in the club. It also demonstrates you are a team player. However, you have to make sure that you are active in the clubs and societies you join.

Stress management 

While studying, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by course work. Getting a burn out is common among students especially when the coursework is very demanding. Therefore, clubs, societies and sports give students a break from their academic work.

 By engaging in other activities students are able to relax and enjoy their time on campus. It also helps to reduce depression levels through socializing with others and engaging in fun activities.

Being a student on campus has never been easy. The stress levels and demands from coursework and research can be hectic. However if students join a club, society or an extra curricular activity it will aid in their overall performance. 

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