How To Make $1000 From Online Writing Every Month

How To Make $1000 From Online Writing Every Month

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Top 5 Online Writing Opportunities 

Online Writing is more common these days and many people do it full time while others make passive income from it. In today’s article, we briefly look at some of the online writing opportunities you can start doing today.

Blog Writing 

Starting a blog is one of the most common ways to start an online business. Most people do this because it is fairly simple to start. While starting a blog is easy, to start making money from blogging requires you to have high traffic on your blog. Once a blog picks up it can make anywhere from $1000 and above each month. We have an article here that breaks down how you can start your blog and how to make money from it. Click here to read it.

Data Entry 

Data entry is a fairly simple way to make money online. It simply involves typing information that is already provided to you from a document to a system. Sometimes it is as easy as typing names from a PDF list into an excel spreadsheet. 

Online writing
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However to do this task you need to have attention to detail to avoid making mistakes because sometimes you may be given a list with financial information. Therefore, accuracy and attention to detail are important in this field. To access these opportunities simply go to any freelancing platform such as Freelancer or Upwork.

Most data entry experts charge about $8-10/hr. Which means if they are able to score work 5 days a week for a month they can make well over $1000 in a month.

Academic Writing 

This is a type of writing that involves doing assignments and research projects on behalf of students who are in university. This is a kind of service that can be very lucrative.

Most students who are in the university sometimes get overwhelmed with deadlines on their assignments especially if they have jobs or a family. It can be difficult to get a balance and therefore they sometimes need help to do their assignments.
These jobs tend to pay per page or can have a fixed price depending on the project being done. Some academic writers earn between $2-5 per page. Which is decent considering that most projects can be up to 10 pages or more. In order to make $1000 a writer would simply have to write between 500 pages and 200 pages per month.

This is where academic writers come in. As an academic writer, you would be working as a freelancer, and just like in data entry these opportunities can be found on any freelancing websites.

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Have you ever seen an advertisement with an amazing product description? That is the role of the copywriter. Copywriting is simply writing content in such a way that is not only accurately describes your product or service but also engages your target audience.

This is a skill that is very valuable when it comes to writing ads and creating an online store. It is a skill anyone can learn and start utilizing to make money. Online opportunities for this field can be found on freelancing websites.
When it comes to how much you can make from copywriting this is probably going to shock you. The best copywriters earn $100/hr! A beginner can make about $25/hr or slightly more! It is probably the most lucrative skill to acquire in this whole list.

Ebook Writing 

Ebooks are an amazing way to make money. The beauty of ebooks is once they are written they can earn you passive income for the rest of your life. The key is to offer value in your book.
Ebooks can earn you thousands of dollars per day, if you market them well or write in a niche that is in demand all the time. Self improvement is a great niche to write on or children’s book and novels.

We featured ebooks in one of our previous articles.  Click here to read about it and other ways you can make money online.

These are some of the top ways in which you can start making money from online writing.  Remember some of these like blogging may take time to pick up but in the long run, are great investments. Patience is key in succeeding in any business. 

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