Most Common Challenges For New Academic Writers

Most Common Challenges For New Academic Writers

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Common Challenges of Academic Writers Face

Academic writing is a common way to make money online.  We wrote an article on what academic writing is you can click here to read more on it. 

In this article, we will explore the common challenges of academic writing.

Short deadlines

Academic writing sometimes gets clients that require help to do their assignments. Sometimes the clients tend to have very short deadlines and require you to work very first. For this reason, the writer needs to learn is how to produce quality very quickly.

Academic writers challenges
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Time management for the academic writer is key to ensure they deliver great work and always on time. A great way to manage time as a writer is to have a system that works for you. For example, you can start with research and then compile the information, then proceed to writing the paper instead of writing while you do research which can delay your work. 


Research is an essential part of academic writing. Clients will often send work that contains topics you may not be very familiar with. 

For this reason, you must be able to know how to research without wasting time. 

When doing research, remember that some websites may not be credible. To avoid using misinformation in your work, always double-check the information against another website to make sure you get accurate and high-quality work. Some sites are known to have good information on various subjects.

A great example if you are doing math or anything related to it is a website called Khan Academy. It has a huge resource of information and videos that can help you on saving time. YouTube videos can also be a very quick way to save up on time sometimes especially if a term our topic is complex.

Academic writing challenges
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Remember sometimes the topic can be very foreign to you and time is very limited. Learning how to balance and manage your time appropriately will help you to deliver good work in a short time.


Competition is normal when it comes to online jobs. When you go to websites such as freelancer you will find jobs that are posted tend to have several bidders.

However, this should not discourage you from applying for the jobs. To stand out from the competition it is important to always make sure that you bid using fair prices. Also, ensure you have a portfolio of your past work with you.

If you are just getting started and have never done any work on online writing before, that should not stop you either. Many people apply using their certificates as proof of being qualified for the jobs.
However, it is very important to ensure the moment you get your first job as an online writer, that you are keen and pay attention to details. Deliver high quality and ensure you deliver it on time to get great reviews. Great reviews always bring more clients. 

These are just some of the challenges that academic writers face while working. However, with time and experience they learn the ins and outs of this side hustle and as a result, can deliver quality work on time and make more money.

Academic writing is just one of the many ways in which one can make money online. To learn more about making money online, click here.

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