Top 3 SEO Tools For New Bloggers

Top 3 SEO Tools For New Bloggers

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SEO tools for the blogger 

So you have started blogging and you have published a few articles but you are trying to get the analytics up on your articles. Do not worry because in this article we will explore some tools that can help to improve the performance of your blog.


Most of the time when a blog starts off, it takes a long time before it can get thousands of views per day. This is not a miraculous magic fix to help you make a quick buck from blogging. 

Blogging takes time and effort and consistency I order for it to become a success. The tools we mention in this article are only to help you with improving with your search engine optimization for each blog post. It does not guarantee that your post will rank at the top of google search results.

Tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The following are tools that will assist you with your search engine optimization when blogging.

  1. Yoast
  2. Headeline Analyzers
  3. Google Keywords planner


Yoast is a SEO tool used to help bloggers and content creators to ensure that the articles are well optimized. When a blogger is writing their article online or pastes it on the blog website as a draft, the Yoast plug-in automatically detects and starts to give recommendations on how to improve the article. 

Yoast helps the author to set the keywords for the article and checks how well the key word has been distributed throughput the article. It also checks how readable the article is and makes recommendations on how to simplify the article so that more people can understand it.

Meta description helps in SEO
Image showing meta description boxed in blue

Yoast also helps the blogger to create meta descriptions for their blog posts which are useful for google search results. A meta description of an article is the short description that we see on google search results under every search result. 

Yoast is not free of charge to use. However it is definitely worth the invest if you are serious about making money from blogging or if you want to help your blog posts to performing better than they have been performing. 

Headline Analyzer

Headline analyzer is another plugin that works like Yoast. There are many options for headline analyzer. On this website we use the one from Monster insights.

The work of headline analyzer is to help bloggers to create titles that are captivated and will performing very well on google search results. It also gives you advice on how to improve your article title so that you can have a better chance to perform better on the google search results.

Keywords in SEO
Image from pixabay

Google Keywords Planner

Keywords are the words that people use when searching for something on google. For example a person looking for a gym may look up, “gyms near me” or “best gyms in LA” . Therefore assuming a blogger who owns a gym in LA wants to capture clients using their blog, they could write a post that contains the keywords gym and LA.
When a blogger is writing an article it is important for them to keep in mind what their audience is searching for and then center their article around the keywords. Using keyword research tools helps in finding the best keywords to use for your articles which helps the article to rank higher on google. There are other keyword research tools like Moz which are also very effective.


The above tools are just tools to assist you in your blogging journey. Remember that your content must always provide value for the reader, otherwise your blog will run major losses. The more engaging your content is the more google and other search engines view it as useful information and will push it to the top of the search results.

For more online writing tips click here and if you are interested in starting academic writing just click here to learn more about it.

We hope this article improves your blogging experience. If you have more tips on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tell us in the comment section below. Remember SEO is a very wide field and we have barely scratched the surface of it.

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