5 Great Tips To Improve Blog Posts

5 Great Tips To Improve Blog Posts

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5 Tips To Improve Your Blog Posts

There are more blogs today than there are people in the United States alone! All these blogs cover different genres and all of them are competing for traffic. However, to get the traffic, you need to have good content and have to know something about Search Engine Optimization.

In this article, we explore 5 tips that can help you to improve your blogging.

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Use Images

In one of our previous posts, we looked at using images to improve blogging. However, in this article, we will look at the subtle aspects of an image a blogger should pay attention to. Images used on a blog post should be accompanied by an alt description.
If you are using sword press you will see alt description as you add the image to your post. The alt description is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) purposes and must always contain keywords that are associated with the article you are writing. This helps to improve the performance of your blog post.

Quality over quantity 

With several blogs in existence, it is important to ensure that your blog provides quality content. Remember there are several other blogs in your niche that people will look at. Therefore it is important to stand out by providing quality content. Quality content will increase the number of shares and engagement that your content gets across several platforms. It is better to post twice a week and give great content than to post daily and give waste your reader’s time.

Use internal linking 

If you are new to blogging, internal linking means providing a link to one of your articles on a new post. For example, when you see an article that tells you to click here to read another related article, they are using internal links. To learn more on SEO tools you can click here to understand read one of the subject.

Backlinking in blogging is very important. It is a key aspect of SEO and helps to rank your articles higher. The reason it helps with a higher ranking is, when your article is linked somewhere on the internet, the search engine will take it to be important and relevant information and therefore push it higher. It is usually difficult to get other websites to mention your blog or to link it elsewhere, therefore building internal links is very useful.

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Device friendly blog

This should come before you even launch your website officially, how we have included it here because sometimes new bloggers forget to check how their blogs look like on different devices and their performance on different search engines.

Always ensure that before you start blogging your blog is compatible with different devices and your posts can be read with ease across different devices and search engines. This will help to reduce the bounce rate on your blog.


Always use a summary if your blog is long. The summary can come at the beginning of the post or then end, whichever one works best for you. An effective way to summarize is using a table of contents that allows readers to jump down to the part they are most interested in. This helps readers to save time and will give you better retention of readers on your blog posts.

These are some basic steps of blogging. However, when it comes to the topic it is very broad and it keeps evolving. To be a successful blogger ensure you keep track of any new changes in the industry and apply tips and tools that work best for your brand. 

Always keep in mind what your audience is saying and what they want. This will keep your blog relevant and useful to your readers.

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