5 Quick Tips To Improve Your Academic Writing

5 Quick Tips To Improve Your Academic Writing

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How Improve Your Academic Writing 

Academic writing is a great way to make money as a side hustle. In one of our previous articles, we covered how you can get started on academic Writing. You can find that article by clicking here.

In today’s article, we briefly look at the most crucial points and facets of academic writing to help you improve and make more money.

Pay attention To Instructions 

Pay attention to the instructions given in the assignments given. Some assignments come with very detailed instructions that break down how the work will be assigned marks.

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Therefore, the writer has to take time to go through the instructions and study them thoroughly and take note of the most important aspects of the work. This also helps the writer to plan their work in such a way that it will save time.

Learn Different Referencing Styles

When it comes to academic papers, there are different ways in which a paper may need to be referenced. The referencing style is always included in the instructions. A referencing style will dictate how you will do your in-text citations, paper sections, formatting, and your reference list. 

There are different types of referencing styles. These include APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago referencing styles. The most common is APA. Even though APA is the most common referencing style, it is impossible to know how to write in all the above structures. 

Learn to write essays 

Academic essays have a writing structure that every academic writer must learn. They follow a standard way of writing. The essay must have an introduction with a thesis statement, a body that argues different points and includes facts and credible citations as well as a conclusion that summarizes everything and gives the closing remarks and final verdict or thought on the whole paper.

 It is always important while writing to use your own words as this will help to prevent plagiarism, especially when quoting other authors whose work can be found online. If you do not know how to write these essays it is easy to learn and the resources can be found for free on platforms such as YouTube.

Academic writing time management
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Time Management 

In one of our previous articles, which you can read here, we looked at the challenges of being an academic writer. One of the challenges is the deadlines can be very short.

Therefore, as a writer, it is your responsibility to make sure you manage your time well. Spend adequate time on each aspect of the process. A quick tip on saving time is to make sure you keep your references written after you finish your research. Also always assign a time limit to your research and writing time to ensure you save on time and use it more effectively.

Credible sources of Information 

When it comes to academic writing you can get your information almost anywhere these days. However, it is important to remember that not all sources of information on the internet are right. Sources like Wikipedia may not always be accurate and therefore it is important to use more credible sources of information. There are scholarly articles published online with accurate information that you could use to make sure your work is of high quality and gives good information.

Academic writing may be a good source of income as a side hustle. But if you want to thrive remember to make sure that your work is always of high quality and give your client the very best.

Remember, online work and freelancing works best if you give your best and get great reviews. If not, you may end up losing a lot of clients and shutting down that side hustle.

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