Top 3 Tips To Writing Great Academic Essays

Top 3 Tips To Writing Great Academic Essays

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Writing A Great Academic Essay

Academic essay writing is one of the most key things you must learn if you intend to be an academic writer. We have an article that points out the basic structure of most academic essays, you can read it by clicking here.

However, in this article we will briefly look at some of the key elements that make an essay great. If you can find ways to incorporate these elements into your work then you will score high marks all the time.

Demonstrate in depth knowledge

When it comes to any academic essay it is important to show that you have studied your work and know what you are writing about. Most students tend to write essays that keep circling around two or three points and rephrase them over and over again as if they are different points. It is important to do adequate research when you are writing your essays and ensure you understand the concepts that you are writing on before you start writing.

Once you are confident of your points start writing about them, expounding on them nicely.

Writing Academic essay
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Follow Essay writing instructions

We have covered this before but we can’t stop emphasising this point because of how vital it is. No matter how unique or in depth your academic essay is, if it does not follow the instructions given you will still fail and lose very easy marks. Therefore when writing your essay always check the instructions to make sure you are following the proper structure and meet the requirements.

Be original

Your work must be original. Do not copy or plagiarise anything you see online. It is alright to paraphrase or to quote another work but make sure that you do not plagiarise the work. Make sure you use your own words to explain the concepts. This is important as it shows you not only did the research but also understand the concepts. It will also aid you in developing new ideas as well from what you have studied which further helps you to be unique and original in your work.


When it comes to academic essay writing, you must learn to follow instructions but also be willing to go above and beyond when it comes to your research. Always make sure you understand what you are asked to write that way you will be able to score high marks. 

These are just a few tips that can help you to grow your skill as a student and as an academic writer. If you are interested in becoming an academic writer you can click here and read in how you can get started immediately.

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