Top 3 Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs During Low Season

Top 3 Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs During Low Season

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It is that time of the year again when most students are not in session and others are winding up their semesters. This means it is low season for the academic writing niche! But did you know that some writers are still making a lot of money during this period? You can become one of those writers too! In this article we will briefly explore some tips and ideas for you to keep making money as an academic writer.

Explore New Markets

An academic writer is a freelance writer and therefore most of them tend to be flexible when it comes to writing for different topics and platforms. The academic writing market is global, however when the demand for academic writing goes down it is possible for you as a writer to explore other niches of writing which are always seeking people of your skills.

Some of the markets that have a high demand now include, copywriting, content creation, digital marketing, sales funnels, SaaS (Software as a service) and ghostwriting. Data entry and transcription are also good options, but they are highly competitive. To find jobs on these niches you can explore freelancing websites and leverage your social media (we cover that in this article as well) to find these jobs.

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Develop a New Freelance Writing Skills

When the season of academic writing is down, it gives you the opportunity to learn a new skill to improve your writing. Some jobs that are in demand such as digital marketing may require you to learn and improve your knowledge surrounding the topic because it is always changing even as social media evolves.
By developing a new skill or improving the ones you currently have it makes your portfolio as a writer more attractive to clients. This is because every client likes to hire an expert and having some skills mentioned in your portfolio can greatly increase their confidence in you as a writer. Updating your skills can increase your likelihood of landing a client by exactly

Leverage Social Media Leads

Social media is a very powerful tool and can help you to both find and land clients. A good way to land clients is to let people on your social media know you are available for hire and to let them know which services you offer. In one of our previous articles we talked about using TikTok to advertise your business. Utilize these platforms and advertise yourself free of charge. The more effective you are in using social media the better the results you get.

Start following writing boards on twitter to keep tabs on any new writing jobs you can apply for. Twitter has an advanced search function that lets you find tweets with an exact phrase. For instance, you can search for “writers needed” and it will bring results of all tweets with that exact phrase. Twitter may not have many job postings, but it does not mean it is useless. This function can be used to help you find writers and even find potential clients.

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An alternative is to use Facebook to find these opportunities and making use of your LinkedIn account. Facebook will give you several options from academic writing pages and groups to copywriting pages and groups that will allow you to find clients with ease. You can start you own page and use it to land clients on Facebook.

LinkedIn on the other hand is a great tool for you to connect with other writers and find job opportunities as a writer that may pay you well and even come with some benefits.

 We hope you found this article helpful. If you are interested in reading more about academic writing click here.

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