Top 10 Best Online Gigs To Earn You $1000/month

Top 10 Best Online Gigs To Earn You $1000/month

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Popular Online Side Gigs for Skilled professionals that can earn $1000 each month

If you are a professional, skilled at what you do, and tend to have a busy but flexible schedule, then you can intentionally create 2-3 hours a day to make extra income all from online gigs. I want to share with you some really easy ways to make some extra bucks a month, to the tune of $100, $500, $1000, and above from online side hustles. 


This article will look at the following side gigs you could start today:

1)Freelance Writing

2) Online Teaching


4) Affiliate Marketing 

5)Virtual Assistant 

6)Create & Sell online courses/ebooks

7)Online bookkeeping

8) Sell your skills on Fiverr & Upwork


10) Social Media Management

Let’s move into the top 10 online gigs that will potentially earn you $1000 plus a month if you are skilled at something or are willing to learn. 

 writing online gig

Freelance writing: 

If you love writing, pay attention to details, and have an interest in researching your content then this is the best fit for you. Freelance writing can also be a great source of income. Some freelance writers do it as their full-time jobs.

The skills you have determined the kind of writing jobs you can get which are numerous.

Some of the skills include: 

  1. Copywriting is where you create content to promote other people’s products
  2. SEO content writing where you plan and create content that helps other blogs and posts to rank highly on Google. 
  3. Social Media Content is where you create and manage other people’s social media accounts. 
  4. Editing and proofreading which is preferable to some people who love to write but don’t like the research aspect. 
  5. Research analysts who conduct specialized research such as market reports and publications for various clients and companies. 
  6. Technical writing skills
  7. Academic writing skills 
  8. Scriptwriting
  9. Database management
  10. Ghost-writing
  11. Transcription

If you wish to make some money from online writing through any of these skills, leave a comment below. 

Academic writing

Online Teaching: 

During the COVID-19 pandemic and even before it, several schools and learning centers have always had online divisions where they invite Remote teachers to offer their skills at a fee. You can get started by googling: Online teacher jobs and several will come up. 

In future articles, I will share with you the exact sites to get these jobs and how to apply.  Ensure you leave a comment so I know this is on demand. 

Does this online gig work?  I have had the chance to teach online classes and get paid up to $30 per hour, which is a really good income if you consider doing 4 hours a day three days a week for example. 

Start a money making Blog

While Blogging is a great online gig to make money, you need a money-making mindset to make it. It takes crafting your strategy and executing it with discipline and patience to make money from blogs. We are working on a series that will cover how you can start a blog and monetize it. Follow our blog or comment below to stay updated.

Affiliate marketing 

This is another source of great income where you promote other people’s products and get a commission from them. The secret here is to find a great niche, build an audience and find great products to promote. And most people do this wrong and get dismal results, but in the coming articles, am gonna share with you some great steps and guidance from experts in the field about how to go about affiliate marketing the right way. 

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant:

Think about helping people do their work, from reading and responding to emails, preparing a to-do list, to making phone calls and several other errands. Just know that several people and small business owners are looking for help online and freelancers fill this gap perfectly. This is by far very easy to do as long as you are diligent and ready to stay on top of your game. 

Create and sell online courses and ebooks

Here you can pre-record yourself, edit and upload them on online sites such as Thinkific, Skillshare, or Udemy and earn a constant flow of passive income over time. Again, this requires some strategy it and I am happy to share with you tips from some amazing experts on how you can get started. 

Online Book Keeping: 

Are you an accountant or can learn these special skills? Here is a chance to make some great income helping people keep the books of account. I meet so many accounting experts who say there are no jobs yet people are looking for personal finance guide, bookkeeping, and others. So, if you are particularly interested in this, I have a friend I will be bringing on later who can give you special tips to get started. 

Sell your skills on Fiverr and Upwork and other sites: 

Do you have any special skills like web and graphic design, programming, or project management, and others? Why not create Fiverr, Upwork, or other accounts and sell your skills there! It’s quite simple to do, but if you wanna make money, you need a strategy and I will share with you more about that in future articles. But u can of course get most of it online when you just search. 

Online gig airbnb

Turn one of your spare rooms into an Airbnb: 

Studies show that an Airbnb host can potentially earn up to $900 based on their location and other variables. This makes this industry lucrative for people who live in strategic locations and have a spare room to let. The technicalities of this are simple and one can start at any time and quit at any time as well hence making it a good deal. I will be sharing more about this in my future articles.

Become a Social Media Manager

Finally, if you have an interest in browsing social media sites, how about you use that opportunity to become a social media manager? The best part of this is you will get to grow your audience, portfolio and eventually make some good money when others hire you to maintain their sites. 

All these opportunities do not require a lot of work and can be started by anyone as long as you are willing put the time and get guidance as you start. 

Anyway, I will be sharing more in depth details on these and many more opportunities in the coming weeks, so, hit follow us, leave a comment and share with someone who may need this. 

Till next time, lets build some Real Hustles that grow our income!

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