How To Make Extra Time For Your Side Hustle Daily

How To Make Extra Time For Your Side Hustle Daily

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How to Free time to free your time and reclaim an extra 2 hrs a day to build a side hustle

Hello there! Have you ever wondered how time flies so fast in a day and you have barely done anything to wanted to do? Would you like to take some time for your side hustle every day? If your answer is yes, then this is the article for you!

Now, let’s be honest with each other. Some rules apply to every one of us, and when I mean everyone, I mean EVERYONE.

So what are these rules?

  1. We all get the same 24 hours in a day: so whether you are rich, poor, black, white, busy, not busy, we all get 24 hrs. 

The question then becomes where do these hours go? Have you thought of accounting for them?

Perhaps you should start tracking how you spend your day and that in itself, is a powerful way to eliminate areas where you literally become unproductive. 

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2. I don’t have time also means, I prioritize something else

 Is it really that we don’t have time or that we prioritized something else? Of course, we prioritized something else, even if it’s Netflix and chill, sleep, or whatever it is you choose over what someone is asking of you. 

Now here is the thing, rather than saying I don’t have time, which by the way, closes doors on opportunities when they come, why not look at what your priorities are and determine if it is worth doing or not. 

So, those are the 2 rules that apply to every one of us every time and everywhere. 

Now to the time freeing hacks: what are the fundamental tips to become more productive and create time to build your side hustle?

Know exactly what you want

It is sad but many of us do not know what we want. We may have an idea of it, or rather have something going on for us, but when we stop for a moment to think about it, we realize that perhaps that’s not what you want for your life! 

The very important question to creating time is knowing what you want. And if you don’t, then start the journey to KNOW. 

Imagine working your whole life doing what you don’t love or put in a better way, not loving what you do. We may not get what we want, but we may love what we do and bring our love into the work making us more productive. 

However, that comes from really understanding your goals, purpose, and what you want for your life in the next 1-2, 5, or 10 years. 

When you do that, it shapes your prioritizations. It also determines what is non-negotiable to you. 

Time planning

Track your time

I don’t know where every moment of your time is going, chances are that you will find it hard to create that time. 

And this is not about, I wake up, get ready for work, head to work, come back in the evening, make dinner, watch the news, and sleep. This is not even close to tracking your time, you have chunked everything together into a lump. What happened to the breaks, the travel to work, the time before bed. When you think about it, tracking your time will reveal to you a lot of things you didn’t know about how you spend your time. 

The best part is, when you do, you can see less productive things you can give up for side hustle, you can also that some things can be delegated to create time for your hustle. The bottom line is u get to see opportunities to:




And there are various tools you can use to track your time: Simplest being excel, a notebook, Toggle, Everhour, Evernote, Your phone notepad and others. I designed a Day Planner that I use to track my day.

I recommend that you try this for about 2-3 weeks before you can see areas you can eliminate, automate or delegate.

Create an Evening Routine: Write down your top priorities every night

I can’t say enough how very important this is, because here is the thing; most of us wake up then decide what they want to do or go into what has been decided for them. And I have been there, but when you don’t have a clear plan of your mornings and nighttime, you lose a lot in your ability to be productive. 

So, most productivity gurus will recommend that you have an evening routine that includes writing down your top priorities the night before. 

Here is how a routine could look like: 

                i. Review your day with gratitude

              ii. Review your goals and Vision

             iii. Plan the next day (top priorities)

             iv. Pray, meditate into sleep

Time to meditate

These actions alone are powerful to begin reshaping your mind towards productivity. Because you have CLOSED one day and given your mind the chance to position you to win the next day. 

And in case somebody is asking me a very funny question, but what if I don’t wake up? And the reality is, but what if you do? Plus, you plan tomorrow because you want to be there tomorrow and the best you can do is make it a great one!

Have a Morning Routine 

A routine should set you up to win. And look, we all have routines when we wake up, but the thing is we are not conscious of them. Therefore, we cant track them. Think about this, we wake up, press the snooze button, wake up late and the day goes on frantically.

A routine that sets you up is aligned with what you want. 

Wake up: sleepy… jumping jacks and a glass of water

Freshen up, and prepare for work… 

Study… work on your side hustle…

Write it down, paste it on your wall, or just place it on anything you see with ease when you wake up so that you can see it there and do it. 

Do one proactive task before anything else

Secret: This could be your side hustle.

Remember your attention is top during this time, so u want to make great use of it when it matters. 

Time planning

Arrest the 9 biggest time thieves

i. Getting ready for your day

Prepare your clothes before

Kill the Snooze button

A shorter shower time/try a cold one…

Low maintenance haircut

ii. Commuting 

Leave early

Negotiate a work from home 

Public means: work during commute carpool

iii. Cooking

Get a meal planner, batch the process and refrigerate meal team,

iv. Exercising: take the stairs, Youtube routines, create a plan, etc

v. TV time: is it worth it? I bet u can cut down this time and focus on building your side hustle 

vi. Facebook and SM: limit to certain devices, 

vii. Email: don’t sign up for promos (get a separate email for that), 

Deal with it.

Delete it.

Defer it.

Delegate it.

viii. Running Errands: Try calling them and having it sort out on phone. Send errand guys and weigh out the costs

ix. Sleep: Do you oversleep? Try having a regular or proper sleeping schedule

Over to you now…

How will you create an extra 2 hours a day by implementing a few of these things? If you have a question about this content or wanna reach out to us, leave a comment below and we shall respond to you as soon as possible.

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