Is a Side Hustle Worth It Besides My Full-time Job?

Is a Side Hustle Worth It Besides My Full-time Job?

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If you are like many people, you are wondering, why you need a side hustle, when perhaps, you are busy or you have a good job with a high income. 

Other people just don’t know where to start, they fear learning something new.

Side hustles are worth it as you will see in this article, they help you to make more money and can help you achieve your goals.

Meanwhile, most of these people will still talk about needing some extra cash, perhaps to boost their investments, build that dream house, take that vacation or even buy that car!

Now, if you have a job or are studying and have some dreams you are pushing for the future, read this article to the end because what if I told you that some side hustles don’t need anything more from you than 2-3 hours a week? Very doable, right? 

So, let’s get right into me trying to convince you to start a side hustle today.

Side hustles with money
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Side hustles offer additional income: Would you not love an extra $100-1000 coming each month?

The truth is, even if you have a job, a promotion or a pay raise always often gets you excited. The difference is a pay raise is just pegged on that job, what if you could earn some extra cash working your gig? 
Side hustles give you the ability to make extra income while having the flexibility to do so whenever you want. As long as you are willing to invest the extra 2 hours a day into your side hustle it can bring you a constant monthly income between $100-$1000. However, there is no limit to how much money you can make from your side hustle it all depends on you and the amount of effort you are willing to put into the side hustle.

Side hustles help you fulfill your dreams faster

You probably have a bucket list or new year resolution which most people tend to have written down in a diary or on their phone or you have a vision board of where you would like to be in future. Most people write their goals and keep vision boards to keep themselves inspired to keep working towards those dreams. It could be a dream home, some vacation, a new car or any other thing you desire to have in your life. Perhaps you are either thinking to buy it by taking out a loan, or maybe you want to save for itwhich are common approaches that people take. However, since side hustles give you the ability to make more money, then you will be able to fulfill your goals and reach your dreams faster.

Loans and side hustles
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Side hustles help you repay your debts and loans with ease.

Taking a loan can be very relieving as it helps people to achieve their goals and meet certain needs that they have which may be very difficult to attend especially since emergencies occur from time to time. Sometimes people paying loans can have their finances spread too thin to even make anything at all. However, when it comes to paying the money back, you must put aside some extra money and planyour finances wisely around the loans and have a good financial plan in order to pay the loans without making stretching the money too thin.

Having a side hustle brings in extra income which can be used to help in making of extra income to be done.

My friend had a good job but took several loans that his salary could hardly get to $100 a month. 

Side Hustles can help you raise some business capital: 

We all have different passions and ambitions that we desire to pursue and to work towards. It is possible your passion is starting a bakery, a youtube channel, a delivery business, and perhaps you need a bare minimum of $2000 to start, then side hustles can help you get started. As we stated earlier side hustles do not have a limit to how much you can make. 

While a side hustle is also a business, it is important to know that it is possible to start one without any capital that is with $0! Most side hustles can take about 3 months to pick up. However, once they do it is possible to make as much money as one desires to but it all depends on the amount of time and effort you are able to put into it.

Truth is, banks won’t get you that money and most times, friends or family may not be able to help you raise the capital that you need for your business. However, this is where your side hustle can come in and help you.

Once your side hustle picks up it is possible to start making money by taking starting your dream business if your side hustle was not it. 

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Side hustles positions you as a hustler/employer/business owner

So many times, many people go through life with an employee mentality. Most people in the world are used to working for others and being a part of the daily cycle of life and do not really go after their dreams or goals because of many excuses they may have. They are constantly thinking about where their next job is or what can they can do? Sometimes, it comes with depression or fear of the unknown.

When you have a side hustle you become your own boss and you are able to learn a lot about your own ability and can explore different things that help you to grow and this, we talk about a lot in our training, we develop a business owner mentality. This is whereby we learn how to take control of your time which is essential for business owner to be able to do. Learning new skills and being comfortable with uncomfortable things helps employers come out of the comfort zone and grow.

Side Hustles can become the main hustle!

The COVID-19 pandemic hit many people hard and most people lost their jobs. However, those who had a side hustle were able to turn it into a full-time business. This pandemic has taught most people the importance of having more than one source of income. As we have seen from earlier points side hustles can give you extra income but they can also become your main source of income, which means they can be a very good way to survive and invest ones finances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having a side hustle is clearly worth it! It not only gives you the extra income that you desire but also can help you meet expenses, pay off loans and help you develop financial freedom which is something that most people in the world are searching for right now. The beauty of side hustles is that you can start some of them without having to invest anything except your time and energy and then with time you can scale it up by investing back into your side hustle in order for it to grow and increase the income that you have.

So, do you have a side hustle? If you do, let us know in the comment section and if you don’t, what’s your reason for not starting one yet? Leave a comment, share this article and lets grow together. If you would like more articles like this be sure to follow us on our social media in order to stay up to date whenever we post another article that explores ways in which you can make money online.

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