Is It Possible To Make $100 per Day Online?

Is It Possible To Make $100 per Day Online?

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While you may think it is difficult to make $100, a cool 10,000 Kenya shillings a day working online, there are several tools and ways to do that which I want to share with you today.

In fact, yes it is possible and it is easier to make $100 a day than most people may anticipate. 

However, firstly before we dive into the various ways to make $ 100 a day, it is important to note that I am not talking about get rich quick schemes or illegal activities. These are legit ways anyone can get started earning online and just so you know, you do not need skills or tools out of your reach to get started. You can do this!

Let’s get started to with the list of opportunities to enable you to make $100/day.

Freelance writing

In our previous article, we talked about online writing skills. They include Copywriting, Content writing, Ghost writing, SEO writing, Scriptwriting, grant writing, academic writing, database management among others. 

In order to get started with most of these opportunities you simply need to have writing skills and apply for the opportunities on freelance websites.  We have an entire article that talks about these opportunities and how to get started as a freelance writer. To access that article click here. For more writing articles you can also click here.

Selling digital products

Digital products are the kind of goods or services that are sold in digital format. They are all online or downloaded to your device after purchase. These include but are not limited to ebooks, online courses and content. These are products you can work on and then publish and sell online with ease. The key is to provide value as that is what people will buy at the end of the day. It is also possible to come up with the idea and hire someone to develop it for you and then sell it, for example you can come up with the idea for an ebook and hire a ghostwriter then sell the your ebook once it is ready to be published.

Teaching Online

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a lot of things moving online. This includes learning. More people are going online to learn new skills everyday and you can take advantage of this by selling your knowledge by starting an online course in which you could teach on various platforms for a fee.

To get started choose a skill you are good at and you possess adequate knowledge in. The next step is to start developing your course and then you can post it to an online learning website where you can charge to teach the course. Another route is to apply for jobs to teach those skills online. One of the most demanded skill is English. If you know English or you teach English then, you can get jobs to teach English online. However, whatever skill you have mastered is sure to have people interested in learning and therefore giving you the opportunity to become an online teacher. As a teacher you can make $20/hr but it is possible to make more. Remember to explore your options and to ensure you give good quality of your services.

Refer friends through online Apps

Did you know apps pay people to promote and share their links? They definitely do! Apps do this as a way to increase their clients. In order to make money from apps, find an app that you love and find the invite link. Usually these invite links come with an offer attached to them. Some may offer a coupon or others will pay you. The next step is to extract the key values from it and then format your promotion message along with your invite/affiliate link and finally share on social media and to your contacts. The more people sign up through your link the more money you make. It is possible to even make $100 from this or more depending on the number of people who join the app through your link.

Do online surveys and get paid 

Doing online surveys is one of the more popular ways to make money online although it tends to be time consuming it can raise up to $100 per day. Some popular survey sites are:



Survey Junkie


Some sites want people who reside in certain regions, but guess what, there is a way you can do them still without having to move. This will be covered in one of our future articles so make sure to follow us on social media to stay updated.

Consulting and Coaching

Self improvement is a never ending process and today more people are in need of different types of coaches and companies need consultants for various functions and departments. Assuming you have some skills you are good atand have a passion in helping people then you can be a coach. It doesn’t matter where you start from, all that matters is  you start and you can build a coaching and consulting business online. The beauty of this is that you can charge as you see fit for your services. Some life coaches charge up to $500 or even $1000 per session depending on their services and experience as well as their portfolio. 

The more people you help the more money you make.

Web Development

Website developers are some of the most in demand people in the job market even in the freelancing space they are in high demand. As a web developer there are some options for you to work and make money online. Those options include private practice or online working sites such as LinkedIn, GlassDooor, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and several others. Web developers can make up to $100 or even more per gig they do.

Now, I want to put a disclaimer, I have seen most web developers struggling with formal employment, but you have a unique skill that can pay you a lot more when you run a private practice either as a side gig or as your main gig. 

I hope to share more about this with you in the coming days and months. 

Design (Graphic, logo)

Graphic designing is another popular skill that is on demand these days. Graphic designers create logos and other visual content that is needed by companies or a client. To be a graphic designer you should learn how to use some basic graphic designing tools like Adobe illustrator, photoshop and Canva. As a graphic designer it is possible to make up to $1000 per gig on freelancing websites. 

Virtual Assistants

In one of our previous articles we touched on being a virtual assistant and the skills required for it. It is possible to be a virtual assistant from anywhere in the world. Virtual assistants can make $100 per day with ease. They can also have more than one client.

Start a money making blog 

Blogging is one of the most popular and easiest ways to make passive income. Bloggers make money from various avenues the most popular being ads. However, there are other ways to make money from blogging, which are , using affiliate links, selling services and products on your blog. As as blogger you can make from $100 upwards but it heavily depends on the website traffic that you have. The more people who visit your blog the higher the earning capacity of your blog. .

These are just some ways in which anyone can make money online. For more content like this please make sure to follow us on social media where we will keep you updated on new articles. If you would like us to break any of the above down into step by step please let us know in the comment section below.

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