How Can You Set Up A Profitable Online Freelance Business ?

How Can You Set Up A Profitable Online Freelance Business ?

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What do You Need To  Start an Online Freelance Business

Decide to take a path/mind-set

When it comes to starting an online freelance business, it is important to know what you want to do and avoid being indecisive. Most people tend to have the habit of doing everything at once  when they do not know what they want to do. It is not uncommon to find people spreading themselves too thin because of taking on many things all at once which often leads to losing the desire and psyche to go after their goals altogether

If you find it difficult to choose one thing then at least choose one and slowly add on more with time instead of taking up everything all at once which can be overwhelming. Therefore, simply decide as this will set up your mind for success. Indecisiveness can lead to poor performance and lack of growth.

Freelancer skills
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Learn the skills required to deliver a perfect job

Learning new skills is essential and it is a never-ending process as long as one is working. There is always a new skill to learn or a new development on the older fields. It is important to ensure that as an online freelancer you stay on top of your game and know what is happening in your field and make an effort to learn about it and improve your skills.

You could self-learn on YouTube or reading online materials and blogs, or you can invest in a course to get started. There are very many options these days therefore, the choice is ultimately yours. I always prefer to immerse myself in a reliable program, get what I need in the quickest time possible and implement it. There are a lot of online programs that are able to help you acquire relevant skills in a focused way that saves you time. 

By improving your skills, you are able to keep up with new trend in the business and can therefore perform better when your online freelance business gets a new order that need experience or knowledge in a new area. If you need ideas on what courses and programs these are, leave a comment, and I will be sharing more of these as we go on. 

Develop a profile

Now that you have the skills for your online freelance business it is vital that you show clients that you can do the task. The client needs to see your qualifications, some samples that you have done and how to reach you. You can choose a web-based profile, or a word document that you get to share whenever you are approaching a client. The reason you should have profile is because it helps clients see your work and helps instill confidence in your work and ability to deliver results. Testimonials could also be helpful to run the same purpose. 

What is important here is to have the profile sufficiently updated to be effective in landing clients. Let me know if you need help creating your profile and we can get right into doing that.

Freelance business
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Seek and apply for relevant offers

Once your profile is ready you can start seeking jobs and gigs for your online freelance business. When it comes to applying for jobs and gigs that you are qualified for make sure that you read the minimum requirements. Ensure you read the requirements before you apply in order to save your time when applying.

Some of the sites that have jobs for freelancers include LinkedIn, Upwork, Guru, Fiverr and many others. Take time and explore these platforms and select one that matches the services you would like to offer. Some of these sites require you to live in America abut guess what? There are ways to still get jobs from them when you play smart.

I will be sharing more about such ways in other forums, so be sure to follow us on social media and reach out to us. Some of these ways include VPN, partnerships and such. We will explore these methods very soon so be sure to follow us to stay updated.

Monetize your online freelance business

 By now, you’re wondering when you are gonna make money. Well here it is;  time to make money.In order to make money with your online freelance business make sure you price your services competitively and within the given range of the client. While giving your quotation make sure you write up a good sales pitch that will capture the attention of the client. Remember if you are on a freelancing website to get clients you are competing against several other freelancers from all around the world. Therefore your pitch has to be excellent and stand out in order to get the attention of the client.

Most freelancing websites will show you how much a client has budgeted to spend on the job they have posted there. It is therefore your responsibility to look at the price given and if possible compare with what other freelancers are offering in order to come up with a fair and competitive price.  As you get your first few sales, you will slowly scale up especially if you put in your best work. Most freelancers grow due to word of mouth and having great reviews from clients. Therefore, make sure you give your best every single order you get and maintain clear communication with your clients to deliver what they want.

If you would like help starting up your online freelance business reach out to us on our contact page or comment below and we will be glad to help you.

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