5 Qualities To Make Your Online Freelance Business Stand Out

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How Can A Freelance Business Stand out?

The freelance space is full of competitive people and when you are getting into this business you must know how you will stand out from the rest. What is it about you that sets you apart from the rest of the competition? Why should people choose you?  If you are interested in standing out from the rest of the competition in the freelance business space today, this article is for you. 

Freelancer Business Qualities To Help You Stand Out 

Let us dive into today’s into the 5 qualities that will make your freelance business stand out from the rest of the rest of the competition.

  1. Quality over money
  2. Consistency over unreliability
  3. Communication over assumption
  4. Planning over feelings
  5. Intention over gambling

Quality over Money

Most people who want to make money online start off and forget that quality is very important. Quality is what brings new clients to the business you start as a freelancer. If the work you do is good clients will return and it is possible to even get long term clients who place you on a retainer.

Another reason it is quality is important and will set you apart is that clients these days give their reviews of the services they get. These reviews are easy to access and find online. Therefore, future and potential clients can read those reviews and decide on whether to work with you. 

Therefore, as a freelancer ensure that your business gives every client the best quality of work in order to get good reviews and grow your business.

Consistency over unreliability

Have you ever ordered for anything online and it did not get to you when they said it would get delivered? Or have you ever used a service that promised to give you certain results and failed to deliver? How did that feel?

You must have thought the services were lousy or unreliable and have probably never bothered to use them again. This is what consistency is all about and why it is important.

Consistency means that you deliver on time and you give results to your clients.  When you are consistent as a freelancer it helps to instill a sense of confidence in your clients. Clients will always know what to expect from you which keeps them working with you. Consistency also helps when it comes to client retention.

Communication over assumptions

Communication is important in freelance businesses and can help to set you apart from others. It is not just about talking to one another it also about making sure you grasp and understand the message. If you do not understand, then there has been some form of miscommunication which can lead to poor results.

As a freelancer, it is important to learn and work on your communication skills. This is because clients will deal with you directly. Remember freelance business will attract clients from all around the world.

Therefore, communication is important to understand what your client wants and to deliver results that they are happy with.

One of the largest mistakes that some freelancers, especially beginners make, is making assumptions. They work on a project based on an assumption and end up delivering something that is contrary to what the client wants. This ends up hurting the business of the freelancer. Sometimes they can even be penalized on some sites or end up lowering the reviews they get.

This is a simple error that can be resolved by simply talking to your client. Learn to ask relevant questions concerning the work you have received. This will help you to gain a clear vision of what they want and to deliver the results that they need.

Whenever you are working on a project that you are assigned be sure to look through the details given and understand what is needed. If when working on the project you realize you need some more information, simply ask more questions to get clarity.

Communication with clients you will not only avoid making assumptions but also be able to build relationships with clients which are long lasting. This will help your freelance business to stand out.

Planning over feelings

For your freelance business to stand out you must learn to plan instead of working with your feelings. We are not saying your feelings are invalid and should be ignored, as they are important. However, feelings cannot run a business for you and if you choose to let them run your business, you could make losses or shut down altogether.

Feelings are just an indication on something you need to know and give you information you can use to build yourself and your business. However, if you want to stand out as a freelance business, it is important to start planning.

There is a saying that goes, “Failure to plan, is planning to fail!” The adage applies to freelance business. In order to be successful, it is important to have a well thought out plan on what you intend to achieve and how you will achieve it.

Planning is not just about your long-term goals for the business, it is also about the small day to day things that you will be doing. You need to have goals for each day that work towards achieving your larger plans.

By planning, not only will your freelance business stand out from the competition, but also it will thrive even under pressure and challenges. 

Intention over “Gambling”

For your freelance business to stand out you must learn how to pursue your goals by being intentional. Being intentional means that you decide to do something and to achieve it. You go about your business strategically and every step you make is built around you achieving a goal. It is not a careless gamble or guesswork.

Being intentional sets your freelance business apart as it enables you to make choices that are well informed and that pursue your goals. It allows you to be more calculating and achieve more. Being intentional is all about having a purpose behind your work that drives what you do. 


If you want your freelance business to stand out from the rest, you must learn how to take control of things and be responsible. Be open to criticism as it helps you to grow but maintain your purpose and be honest and communicate with your clients. In so doing you will be able to build a freelance business that is unique and successful and have higher client retention rates. 

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