How To Avoid These Top 5 Dangers of Working Online

How To Avoid These Top 5 Dangers of Working Online

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The internet is an amazing place full of opportunities and has given independence to several people around the world. However, there are dangers of being online and these dangers are not uncommon to the freelancing world.

When it comes to freelancing there are several dangers that online users can face. There have been many people who have been scammed while others have had their information stolen online. 

In this article, we will be addressing the dangers that one can face online as a freelancer. We will also address some ways freelancers can avoid some of these dangers and stay safe.

Some of the dangers as well as challenges that freelancers face online include:

  1. Being conned
  2. Distraction
  3. Not meeting your income
  4. Insecurity 
  5. Complacency 

Let us dive into these challenges!

Being conned / scammed

While being online comes with several opportunities however, there are some people who make money by scamming others. There are many different scams that happen online form make money quick scams to the famous Nigerian prince emails. Scammers are common online and with every new online industry a new scam is never far. Therefore being vigilant is important.

When it comes to protecting yourself from scammers online one should simply make sure that they verify the information on the website. It is also important to be ware of make money quick scams which are very common. 

If someone promises to give you fast results for higher prices, then it is important to be careful of such claims and to check if they have reviews.


To avoid getting conned online it is important to ensure that you do not send money to get a job as most online jobs do not require you to pay for the chance to get an online gig. 
If you have any suspicions be careful and make sure you do not make any hasty decisions. Do not share any personal information with anyone on the websites that you do not trust. One key sign of a scam is when the jobs are offered on websites that are not well made and give you a safety warning when joining them.

 It is also good to practice the general rule of, “If it is too good to be true, think twice!” .Most people get scammed because they are looking for ways to get rich overnight. However, this does not happen even with online jobs that pay well. One must be willing to put in the work and effort needed to get good results and make the money online or they will fall for many scams.

The safest thing to do is to make sure you work with reputable websites such as Upwork or Fiverr to avoid getting conned. Reputable freelancing websites not only have good reviews but also protect the interests of both clients and freelancers. Most freelancing websites are free to use. 


Distraction online is a common thing as the internet and websites can be full of advertisements when doing research or when working. Sometimes distractions can come from offline sources such as family or activity happening around the freelancer.

To overcome distraction while working online, it is important that online workers reduce the number of distractions that they have. This can be done by switching off electronic like television in the background, finding a quiet place to work from. 

Freelancers can also have ad blockers when working online to avoid getting distracted while working online. This allows them to increase productivity while reducing the number of distractions they get while searching for clients online. 

Another way to reduce distractions is by using tools that organize your work to avoid wasting time. Organizing tools can help one to reduce the distractions by keeping you focused on the task on hand.

Not meeting your income targets

While this may not sound as intimidating as getting conned, it can be worrisome when freelancers do not meet their targets. This can affect the financial stability of the freelancer especially if the online source of income is their main source of income.

To overcome this challenge, it is important for freelancers to create targets which are achievable and create strategies on how they will meet those goals. This reduces the risk to failing to meet the income targets. Another way that freelancers can reduce the risk to meeting income targets is by scaling their businesses by advertising their services to more platforms and social media.


Insecurity is not uncommon when it comes to online jobs. This is because when starting out as a freelancer it is difficult to get clients. It is therefore important for online workers who are starting out to make sure they give quality work to increase their chances of landing more clients. 

Another way that freelancers can increase their security is by having a financial plan that allows them to save money and invest their income. They can also diversify or increase their income by having a side hustle. This will ensure that they avoid the danger that comes with online job insecurity. It is important to retain their fulltime job if they have one.


Complacency occurs when people get comfortable and stop making any effort with their work. It is common when online workers become comfortable with their income levels. This is alright however, it can also be a danger when the freelancer is unable to deliver results. Being unable complacent can lead to the lack growth in an online business.

In conclusion, it is important for freelancers to be aware of some of the dangers and challenges that can come with working online. They should also be prepared and learn how to overcome these challenges in order to safeguard themselves. 

If you would like to get more tips and to stay updated on freelancing, feel free to reach out to us and we will be glad to help you.

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